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Book Cover LauraJ’s review of Perfect Timing by Barbara Elsborg
Contemporary Romantic Comedy eBook released by Ellora’s Cave 30 Apr 08

I am a huge fan of British comedy. I love the quirky characters and the way a very simple situation can lead to something completely off the wall. So I was very excited when I was checking out this book that this author is British and had high hopes that it would be as entertaining as some of my favorite British shows and movies.

Ms. Elsborg did not disappoint at all. In this story, Daisy books a room at a resort hosting a murder mystery party, hoping to meet a man. She thinks that the mystery party is set in the 60’s and packs accordingly, only to find out she misread the information and the mystery party is for the over 60 set. She makes a grand entrance with the help of a sheep and meets the manager of the resort who is quite handsome though he seems to be a bit gruff. Jake has been given 6 months to make the resort profitable. He is competing with his brother Adrian and whoever is the most successful will take over the resort full time from their father. Jake has a reputation with the ladies and his father is hoping that this will settle him down.

Despite the mistake that Daisy has made she decides to make the most of it. Jake helps her by giving her a part, and when she finds out what her role is she is not exactly happy about it. Jake thinks that by giving her this she can just enjoy the weekend…with him.

I laughed so hard throughout this book. Daisy was spunky and tough. She had a rough childhood growing up and has a fear of being locked in small places, which Jake, not knowing, does quite often, leading to more hilarious situations. Jake is determined to prove to his father he is capable of running the resort, and finds he can’t resist Daisy. Jake tries hard to enjoy his time with Daisy while at the same time keeping the weekend’s mystery party running smoothly and profitably. Adrian is trying his best to make sure Jake doesn’t win and his accomplice in this sabotage is pretty easy to figure out. Knowing who it was really had no effect on me and didn‘t ruin any part of the story. Adrian is despicable to the point that I can’t wait to get his story and find the woman that tames him.

I found an interview that Ms. Elsborg did earlier this year where she said that Adrian’s story was under consideration by Ellora‘s Cave. I wish I had some pull because I am really looking forward to more of her books and especially Adrian’s story.

LauraJGrade: B

When Daisy books a Sixties extravaganza on the internet, she thinks hippies and free love. Only she misses one tiny word in the advertisement and ends up at a weekend for over-sixties at Bedlingham Manor.

When sexy hotel manager Jake casts Daisy as a nun in the murder mystery, she is ready to scream and call the weekend off. But then Jake shows up dressed as a priest and he can’t wait to uncover the red lace beneath the nun costume. Jake and Daisy don’t expect to fall in love but they discover that their weekend of hot sex might be much more than they bargained for.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned…or I’d really like to.

Read an excerpt here.