A DUCKIE LOOKS BACK REVIEW: Kiss of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

Sandy M’s review of Kiss of the Highlander (Highlander, Book 4) by Karen Marie Moning
Paranormal Romance published by Dell 6 May 08

During my recent reading slump, I figured the way to get over it was to read one of my all-time favorite books. Then my problem became which all-time fave should I select. A few others came to mind, but it’s Drustan and Daegus MacKeltar who won out. I read this book back when I discovered time travel romance, and both it and The Dark Highlander have remained on my best-ever list since. These twins definitely kick-started my after-slump reading for me. Their stories hold up even after all these years.

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REVIEW: The Lawrence Browne Affair by Cat Sebastian

The Lawrence Browne AffairLiviania’s review of The Lawrence Browne Affair (The Soldier’s Scoundrel, Book 2) by Cat Sebastian
Gay Regency Romance published by Avon Impulse 7 Feb 17

Avon Impulse books are published at a price point that draws me in, especially when they make a debut book available for 99 cents. That tempting price is why I gave The Soldier’s Scoundrel a chance. I thought it was a charming debut, even if it compared one hero to a porcelain doll too many times. (It was a surprising and delightful description the first time, but it got hammered into the ground by the end of the novel.) It wasn’t a hard choice to give Cat Sebastian’s second novel, The Lawrence Browne Affair, a chance. M/M books, like any historical romance series, don’t let any sibling go unpaired. In The Lawrence Browne Affair, Georgie Turner (the brother of Jack Turner) gets his own happily ever after. read more…

REVIEW: Broke Deep by Charlie Cochrane

Book CoverStevie‘s review of Broke Deep (Porthkennack, Book 3) by Charlie Cochrane
Contemporary Gay Romance published by Riptide Publishing 03 Jun 17

Back when I lived in Hampshire, Charlie Cochrane and I met up a time or two for lunch and antiquing at Chesapeake Mill in Wickham, and I suspect the architecture of that building has had no small part in inspiring this third book set in the fictional Cornish town of Porthkennack. Like the aforementioned mill, some of the beams in Morgan Capell’s house have been salvaged from a ship, in this case the wrecked Troilus, which came aground in a storm off Porthkennack two centuries earlier. Morgan has returned to his old family home to be closer to his mother, now in an advanced stage of dementia, and is settling back into a more peaceful life than that he experienced in London. His boyfriend is less happy about the change and unceremoniously dumps Morgan, long distance.

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REVIEW: Elusive by L.A. Fiore

Book CoverKristie J’s review of Elusive (Shipwreck, Book 1) by L.A. Fiore
Romantic Suspense published by Amazon Digital Services 21 Jul 17

Wowzers!  Now I don’t say this about every book – but Wowzers.  This book really is about modern-day pirates and I don’t mean the Ethiopian kind.  Nope, this is the swashbuckling pirates of old set in modern-day times.  One pirate in particular with all the charm and charisma and ruthlessness of those pirates of old.  An antihero hero who kills people, quite a number of people.  When I started this book, this is not what I expected.

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REVIEW: Bail Out by Jade Chandler

Book CoverTabs’ review of Bail Out (Brotherhood Bonds, Book 1) by Jade Chandler
Romantic Suspense published by Carina Press 14 Aug 17

This spin-off to Chandler’s Jericho Brotherhood series brings the fun in a major way by pairing two ass-kicking bounty hunters and watching the sparks fly. Elle Jackson may not be the son her father always wished for, but she’s spent her whole life learning from him and preparing to take over the bail bonds business that’s been in their family for generations. When a health scare changes her father’s priorities, he unilaterally decides that Elle’s should change too. An insane (and deeply sexist) ultimatum and a flare of temper results in Elle having one month to come up with either $500K in cash or a husband if she wants to keep the business she loves.

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REVIEW: A Wedding Tail by Casey Griffin

Book CoverSandy M’s review of A Wedding Tail (Rescue Dog, Book 3) by Casey Griffin
Contemporary Romance published by St. Martin’s Paperbacks 1 Aug 17

Coming off a slight reading slump in which too many books couldn’t hold my attention, and in between my favorites’ new releases, I decided to try new-to-me authors to end my dry spell. So with this cute cover with a cute premise, Casey Griffin caught my attention. I hoped for good stuff, even though this is the third book in a series.

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REVIEW: A Gathering Storm by Joanna Chambers

Book CoverStevie‘s review of A Gathering Storm (Porthkennack, Book 2) by Joanna Chambers
Historical Gay Romance published by RIptide Publishing 15 Apr 17

Having explored modern day Porthkennack in the first book of this multi-author shared universe, this second instalment takes us back to Victorian Cornwall and (possibly) the ancestors of some of the characters we previously encountered. Nicholas Hearn is the result of a liaison between one of the Roscarrocks – the town’s most powerful family – and a gypsy woman who stayed on after her own family abandoned her. Following his mother’s early death, Nick has worked for his paternal grandfather and been made land steward of the estate. Never quite sure of his status amongst the villagers: not quite one of them, not a true Roma, and certainly not fully accepted as a Roscarrock, Nick is intrigued as anyone by the newcomer who has built a manor house up on the cliffs, close to the cavern known locally as The Hole.

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REVIEW: When I Need You by Lorelei James

Book CoverVeena’s review of When I Need You (Need You Series, Book 4) by Lorelei James
Contemporary Romance published by Berkley 25 Jul 17

Dear Readers, what is your opinion about friendship between two gorgeous heterosexuals?  You’ll find Ms. James’ answer to that question in her latest contemporary romance in the Need You series.  To further make matters more interesting, the two in question also have some very specific qualifying rules on the people they will date. Needless to say, rules were meant to be broken, and so the story proceeds… read more…


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