REVIEW: The Spaniard’s Pregnant Bride by Maisey Yates

Book CoverVeena’s review of The Spaniard’s Pregnant Bride (Heirs Before Vows, Book 1) by Maisey Yates
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Presents 01 Oct 16

Virginal Allegra Valenti is looking for one last fling before she marries the prince her family has chosen for her and settles down into domestic bliss.  Little did she know that her encounter with the man masked to look like death will have unexpected consequences that will change the well-ordered future her parents have mapped out for her.  This is a well-paced familiar story.

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REVIEW: No Mistress of Mine by Laura Lee Guhrke

Book CoverStevie‘s review of No Mistress of Mine (An American Heiress in London, Book 4) by Laura Lee Guhrke
Historical Romance published by Avon 30 Aug 16

One aspect of this Victorian series I’m particularly enjoying is the way we get to meet a number of heroines who are slightly more mature than might be expected from the series title. While none of the heiresses is particularly old in years, neither has any of them been a shy miss experiencing her first London season. The heroine of this fourth book is a most unexpected heiress and has a range of experiences in her past, prior to finding herself working alongside her former lover, with whom she is suddenly partnered in business.

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REVIEW: Folly Cove by Holly Robinson

Book CoverSandy M’s review of Folly Cove by Holly Robinson
Women’s Fiction published by Berkley 4 Oct 16

I love the way Holly Robinson writes. She draws the reader in word by word, page by page, conflict by conflict with humor and everyday grit we all go through. Even the romantic elements are more real than the fantasy in most romance novels. We meet the Bradford sisters at Folly Cove, the family home and business.While it seems their individual worlds are falling apart, they have no way of knowing maybe this time the struggles are all for the best for a brighter future.

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REVIEW: A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas

Book CoverStevie‘s review of A Study In Scarlet Women (Lady Sherlock, Book 1) by Sherry Thomas
Historical Mystery published by Berkley 18 Oct 16

I’ve mentioned before the special place in my love of historical mysteries that’s reserved for pastiches of the Sherlock Holmes stories, although it’s rare I find a series of those that completely works for me. I’ve been meaning for quite some time to look into the various series set in Victorian times, but in which one or both of the protagonists has their gender switched. Consequently, this book, with both a female Holmes, and later on a female Watson, was bound to appeal. Obviously, there’s more to creating a gender-switch pastiche than simply changing the names and outward appearances of the characters, particularly when considering the era in which the stories are set, so I was equally interested in how the protagonists were going to deal with the restrictions placed upon women by Victorian society.

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REVIEW: Right Billionaire, Wrong Wedding by Victoria Davies

Book CoverTabs’ review of Right Billionaire, Wrong Wedding by Victoria Davies
Contemporary Romance published by Entangled: Indulgence 10 Oct 16

I’m pretty sure I had never read a book from Entangled’s Indulgence line before this year, but I’ve glommed seven so far and have to say that I’m becoming a big fan of this line. (Feel free to give recommendations down in the comments!) They’ve been hitting my category romance sweet-spot just right. This book takes the boss/assistant-unrequited-love trope and executes it beautifully.

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Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage

Book CoverKristie J’s review of Price of a Kiss (Forbidden Men, Book 1) by Linda Kage
Contemporary Romance published by Linda Kage 14 Aug 13

I have a soft spot for heroes who are dragged into the “adult” business against their will. One of the reasons I don’t like Magic Mike is because they like what they do. It’s the ‘against their will, they want out’ kind of hero. That’s why Stinger by Mia Sheridan and Fallen from Grace by Laura Leone. So when I was browsing around and noticed the hero of this book, Mason Lowe, falls into this category, well, I simply had to get it, though it took me a few weeks before I did. But once I did start reading……

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REVIEW: Four Letter Word by J. Daniels

Book CoverSammy’s review of Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds) by J. Daniels
Contemporary Romance published by Forever 04 Oct 16

I was intrigued by the title of this book. Not only intrigued, but also a new to me author. Add in a fantastic blurb, and I was all in. I’m a lover of crossword puzzles. I know you’re probably asking yourself; what the heck does crossword puzzles have to do with anything? I’ll tell you. When I read the title of the book, I associated it with my favorite thing to do when I need to de-stress. I am happy to report I wasn’t disappointed.

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REVIEW: Billionaire on the Loose by Jessica Clare

Book CoverTabs’ review of Billionaire on the Loose (Billionaires and Bridesmaids, Book 5) by Jessica Clare
Contemporary Romance published by Intermix 20 Sep 16

Jessica Clare is back with another fun Billionaires and Bridesmaids book. In this one, we’ve got ourselves a hunky European royal biding time in New York until he can return to his home and a geeky tech woman trying to avoid the pitfalls of being a female gamer and having a difficult time of it. Loch and Taylor seem like an unlikely pair on the surface, but it turns out they’re just what the other needs.

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REVIEW: Dressed to Kiss By Madeline Hunter, Caroline Linden, Megan Frampton & Myretta Robens

Book CoverSammy’s review of Dressed To Kiss by Madeline Hunter, Caroline Linden, Megan Frampton & Myretta Robens
Historical Romance anthology published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 08 Sep 16

I love short stories. I personally think it’s a great way to find new authors to read. They work well because they’re not too long and it doesn’t take much time to read, especially for the very busy lifestyles we all lead. I would like to thank a very evil Duckie at the pond for pimping this anthology out to me. Enough of my rambling, let’s get to the good parts!

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