REVIEW: Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak

Book CoverStevie‘s review of Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak
Women’s Fiction published by Berkley 17 Oct 17

Much as I love my family, I struggle to spend more than a couple of days with them without being driven up the wall. At least I can usually escape to the village pub (and being a community shareholder, I have the excuse of checking on my investment). With that in mind, I was distinctly intrigued by the concept of a dysfunctional family forced to spend the week from Christmas to New Year in each other’s company and with no escape or respite in the form of casual visitors (so they think…). Three family members carry secrets that could impact on everyone’s ‘enjoyment’ of the secluded festivities, while the fourth is starting to harbour doubts about her recent engagement, even as she begins planning the engagement of the decade.

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REVIEW: Collecting the Pieces by L.A. Fiore

Book CoverKristie J’s review of Collecting the Pieces by L.A. Fiore
Contemporary Romance published by Amazon Digital Services 15 Nov 16

I only read this book last month, but already I’m feeling the need to read it again.  I was so invested in it that I read it quickly and now I need to re-read, more slowly this time in order to savor it.  I’ve been a reading machine lately, plowing through a number of books. Thus I’ve forgotten parts of this one and I need one more go to remember them.

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REVIEW: Holiday in the Hamptons by Sarah Morgan

Book CoverVeena’s review of Holiday in the Hamptons (From Manhattan With Love, Book 5) by Sarah Morgan
Contemporary Romance published by HQN Books 29 Aug 17

Ms. Morgan’s stories are heartwarming, funny, emotional, and all together delightful.  They always hit the right chord for me, though I had a hard time with getting past Go with this one.  As a matter of fact, I actually read Harriet’s story before I could get myself past all the starts and stops on this one.

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REVIEW: Take to the Limit by Dawn Ryder

Book CoverVeena’s review of Take to the Limit (Unbroken Heroes, Book 1) by Dawn Ryder
Contemporary Romance published by St. Martin’s Press 29 Aug 17

Sooooo! I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately.  Books don’t offer the same escape they once did. I’m sure it’s me because even my favorite mainstay authors are making me feel edgy and unsatisfied.  I stopped and started this book so many times, I’m not even sure if I recall exactly how it all played out, but… read more…

REVIEW: Finding Kyle by Sawyer Bennett

Book CoverKristie J’s review of Finding Kyle by Sawyer Bennett
Contemporary Romance published by Big Dog Books 14 Jan 17

I have mixed reactions to this author.  Most of her books I like.  A lot.  But then on occasion I read one that I have a very negative reaction to.  Much of the time it’s because I have issues with the heroine.  So it’s almost with a sense of adventure when I start a new Sawyer Bennett book, and this book turned out to be a positive reading experience.

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REVIEW: Once a Rebel by Mary Jo Putney

Book CoverStevie‘s review of Once a Rebel (Rogues Redeemed, Book 2) by Mary Jo Putney
Historical Romance published by Zebra 29 Aug 17

I like the set-up of this historical series about a group of men bound together by their narrow escape from execution as enemy spies and the strong-willed women they subsequently fall for, especially since their adventures take us all around the world as they become involved in new plots and are able to help each other out by means of their individual skills and professions. This time we find ourselves in the newly independent America, at war with Great Britain once again as the two powers grapple for control of the Canadian provinces, and one of the Rogues Redeemed finds himself face to face with a woman he’d never expected to see again.

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REVIEW: Take the Lead by Alexis Daria

Book CoverTabs’ review of Take the Lead (The Dance Off, Book 1) by Alexis Daria
Contemporary Romance published by Swerve 03 Oct 17

In Alexis Daria’s debut, the sparks fly between a professional dancer and an Alaskan reality television star on a “Dancing With the Stars”-esque competitive reality show. Gina Morales is a professional dancer who has been on the Dance Off for a few years but has never won that coveted trophy. With her career prospects on the line, she’s determined to whip Stone Nielson into shape. Stone is a naturally quiet person and he’s really only doing the show to help out his family. Gina quickly shifts his priorities.

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REVIEW: Releasing Henry By Sarah Hegger

Book CoverVeena’s review of Releasing Henry (Sir Arthur’s Legacy, Book 5) by Sarah Hegger
Historical Romance published by Lyrical Press 29 Aug 17 

I first discovered Ms. Hegger with her book Conquering William.  The story and her writing restored some of my flagging interest in historical romance as I stayed true to the series.  Releasing Henry came as a surprise because, I, like the rest of Sir Arthur’s family, had given up Henry for dead. I felt the same sense of excitement as the family when news came of Henry’s possible survival and rejoiced when he sails back into the family harbor laden with treasure and a Muslim wife. How will Sir Arthur’s enlightened family welcome a foreigner into their ranks?

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REVIEW: Fury’s Choice by Brey Willows

Book CoverStevie‘s review of Fury’s Choice (Afterlife, Inc, Book 2) by Brey Willows
Lesbian Paranormal Romance published by Bold Strokes Books 12 Sep 17

The gods have revealed themselves to mortals, beginning some months after the events covered by the first book in this series; now they’re appearing on chat shows, and their joint headquarters, Afterlife Inc. is officially on the map. There are still administrative issues to be smoothed out and not all humans – whether atheist or believer – can be said to be happy with the new status quo. It’s hard to continue a religious war when it turns out that your deity and that of your greatest enemies are actually the best of friends. Likewise, those who didn’t follow a religion before are now determined not to let their lives be run, no matter how remotely, by any one or more of the immortal beings. Dark forces, outside the corporate body of Afterlife Inc., are as troublesome as ever, and plenty of humans are still determined to do wrong by their fellow men and women, no matter what the consequences might be. And in a world in which the Furies and other agents of vengeance operate, those consequences can be very severe indeed.

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