REVIEW: The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren

Book CoverTabs’ review of The Ones Who Got Away (The Ones Who Got Away, Book 1) by Roni Loren
Contemporary Romance published by Sourcebooks 02 Jan 18

Roni Loren’s latest novel is a book that I honestly wasn’t sure I’d be able to read because the romance involves reuniting two survivors of a devastating school shooting. In the last year, my tolerance for contemporary plots with abuse and/or trauma has vastly decreased. Even in a good year, there are few authors I would trust with such a sensitive subject matter. Fortunately, Loren treats her characters with compassion and sensitivity. The characters are more than what happened to them and their story is about living, not just surviving.

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REVIEW: Headmaster by Tara Sue Me

Book CoverVeena’s review of Headmaster (Lessons From The RACK, Book 2)  by Tara Sue Me
Erotic Romance published by Berkley 16 Jan 18

Marie is a natural submissive, deeply attracted to dominant Master Lennox. Unfortunately, it was her best friend Winnie who attracted his eye and Marie quietly faded into the shadows. Now Winnie is dead and Marie works at the RACK academy where Lennox is the headmaster. Can there perhaps be another chance for Marie? read more…

REVIEW: Heart of the Devil by Ali Vali

Book Cover Stevie‘s review of Heart of the Devil (Cain Casey, Book 0) by Ali Vali
Contemporary Lesbian Romance published by Bold Strokes Books 16 Jan 18

I’ve been intrigued by the concept of this series about a lesbian crime boss, her partner, and her family for quite a while now, but I’ve always been deterred by how much catching up I’d have to do if I started at book one and tried to read my way through all the existing novels before the next one came out. The release of a prequel gave me just the way in I was looking for: something hopefully fresh and new without too much confusion over backstory. And while I don’t read a lot of series where the protagonists are out-and-out bad guys, I do have a lot of affection for antiheroes. So I suppose I was hoping to see the lesbian equivalent of Jake Arnott’s Harry Starks with a bit more romance thrown in for good measure.

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REVIEW: At the Heart of It by Tawna Fenske

Book CoverSandy M’s review of At the Heart of It by Tawna Fenske
Contemporary Romance published by Montlake 3 Oct 17

Aside from the humor in her books and the darned great writing, Tawna Fenske is one of those authors who always has original ideas to make a reader stick with her book after book. Then there are those original, funny scenes that immediately endear her characters to you, and you’re off and running for a lighthearted and fun read.

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REVIEW: The Look of Love by Julia Kelly

Book Cover Stevie‘s review of The Look of Love (The Matchmaker of Edinburgh, Book 1) by Julia Kelly
Historical Romance published by Pocket Star 09 Oct 17

It’s no secret that I love Edinburgh, but for such a beautiful city with so many centuries of history, it’s surprising that more historical romances aren’t set there. Julia Kelly looks set to rectify the situation a little, however, with a new Victorian-set series revolving around the clients and friends of one Moira Sullivan, matchmaker. Her first challenge is how to arrange the romantic affairs of one friend with no desire to be wed, and another with only one bride in mind, especially given the various scandals the pair seem destined to fall into.

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DDS Review: The Bound to a Billionaire Trilogy by Michelle Smart

Duckies Do SeriesTabs’ Duckies Do Series review of The Bound to a Billionaire Trilogy by Michelle Smart
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Presents

This series revolves around a family reeling from the death of the eldest brother and heir. Pietro Pellegrino was a world-renowned philanthropist who died suddenly in a helicopter accident off the coast of a small island country devastated by a hurricane. His surviving family members are working on preserving his legacy by building a hospital in his name on the island he was working to help recover. Of course, nobody’s perfect and some of Pietro’s secrets come out to wreak havoc later in the series…

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REVIEW: Promise Not to Tell By Jayne Ann Krentz

Book CoverVeena’s review of Promise Not To Tell by Jayne Ann Krentz
Romantic Suspense published by Berkley 02 Jan 18

Virginia Troy has buried her past deep beneath her successful veneer as a businesswoman. She suspects foul play when an artist with whom she has deep ties in her past dies suddenly, after mailing her a digital picture of a disturbing painting.  Virginia teams with PI Caleb Sutton to search for the truth, setting off a chain of events that will bring long-buried secrets into the open. An excellent whodunit with a nice romantic flourish.  read more…

REVIEW: An Unsuitable Heir by KJ Charles

Book CoverStevie‘s review of An Unsuitable Heir (Sins of the Cities, Book 3) by KJ Charles
Gay Historical Romance published by Loveswept 03 Oct 17

The third book in this Victorian-set trilogy promises us answers to the various mysteries that have been running through the series so far, such as the whereabouts of the true heir to the late Earl of Moreton, and just who is so determined to keep our heroes from finding the answers that they’re prepared to kill anyone who may hold any clue to the puzzle at all. The main action for this instalment shifts out of London and to the earl’s home itself, a forbidding place that holds bitter memories for one hero of the earlier books, and offers no welcome to the heroes of this current story.

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REVIEW: Shake Down by Jade Chandler

Book CoverTabs’ review of Shake Down (Brotherhood Bonds, Book 2) by Jade Chandler
Romantic Suspense published by Carina Press 12/11/17

Jade Chandler’s Bail Out is easily my favorite action romance of the year. This sequel pairs a bail bondsman and a cop, but ultimately fails to deliver the fun and chemistry that made the first book a standout. Detective Charlie Pine and biker bail bondsman JoJo Marcone cross paths at Charlie’s precinct and exchange sexy looks but nothing else. Though they instantly lust after each other, Charlie’s put off by the whole biker thing. Eventually, a case they’re both working on and a perilous situation get them thrown together and the inevitable sexy times throw a kink in Charlie’s plans not to get involved.

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