REVIEW: Release by Jade Chandler

Book CoverTabs’ review of Release (Jericho Brotherhood, Book 2) by Jade Chandler
Erotic Romance published by Carina Press 17 Oct 16

This motorcycle club romance has reunited lovers, smoking hot sex, and a hero who needs pain. Avery and Rock hooked up in the last book but parted when Rock’s club priorities and actions hurt Avery’s friend. They both miss each other greatly. When Avery decides that she’s going to brave her severe pain aversion and get her first tattoo, Rock is of course going to do it for her and it’s pretty much like Donkey Kong from there.

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REVIEW: If Santa Were A Cowboy by Melissa Cutler

Book CoverDinca’s review of If Santa Were A Cowboy (One and Only Texas, Book 4) by Melissa Cutler
Contemporary romance published by Swerve 25 Oct 16

This is a novella in the One and Only Texas series. It has an interesting plot. It’s not the usual outcome for the popular girl in school, Kelly Sawyer, and the school nerd, Paul Savage. So, therefore, I found myself rooting for Paul and not Kelly. Actually, Sadie, the doggie reindeer, gets five stars out of five. She really stole the show.

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REVIEW: Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen by Alison Weir

Book CoverStevie‘s review of Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen (Six Tudor Queens, Book 1) by Alison Weir
Biographical Historical Fiction published by Ballantine Books 31 May 16

Katherine of Aragon seems to get a slightly raw deal in popular history. The longest-serving of Henry VIII’s six wives, she is remembered mainly as the one he divorced for not giving him a male heir, thus prompting the split between the Church in England and Rome. However, her life merits more than that brief aside, and Alison Weir has set out to rectify that omission with a story covering the whole of Katherine’s life. A daunting task – the Queen lived on some considerable time after her exile from the Royal Court – and I’ve previously had reservations about how long a fictionalised biography can be while still holding the reader’s interest. Nonetheless, I was intrigued enough to pick this one up and give it a go.

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REVIEW: Devil’s Honor by Megan Crane

Book CoverTabs’ review of Devil’s Honor (The Devil’s Keepers, Book 1) by Megan Crane
Contemporary Romance published by Loveswept 01 Nov 16

In this reunited-lovers motorcycle-club romance a woman trying to sort out her messy life faces off with an intimidating biker who is bearing a grudge. Merritt and Greeley had a ridiculously hot summer fling five years previously, but things ended on bitter note when Merritt was on the cusp of leaving for law school. Greeley asked her to stay, but she didn’t. Now that Merritt’s back in town fleeing from things she won’t talk about, Greeley’s not about to let her slip from his grasp again. read more…

REVIEW: Down Shift by K. Bromberg

Book CoverStevie‘s review of Down Shift (Driven, Book 8) by K. Bromberg
Contemporary Romance published by Piatkus 04 Oct 16

Much as I enjoy my occasional foray into motorsports romance, I’ve tended to stick mainly to the formulae and race series I’m familiar with: those where rounds that take place mostly or wholly in European and other countries that aren’t the US. Four-wheeled racing in the US seems to be an entirely separate beast to those species attracting competitors from the rest of the world, even if some of my favourite – and least favourite – F1 drivers have been known to experiment with competing over there. I keep trying to branch out, however, and this standalone spin-off from what seems to be a popular series, appeared as good a place as any to try another angle on the subgenre. Ideally, what I’m looking for would be a roughly equal split of motorsport and romance, with maybe a lesser, tertiary, focus on other forms of off-track shenanigans, although my experience has been that not many readers would agree with my spread of interests – and not many authors cater to it, exactly.

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REVIEW: Heart & Soul by Shae Connor

Book CoverSandy M’s review of Heart & Soul by Shae Connor
Contemporary Gay Romance published by Amazon Digital Services 16 Nov 16

I’m going to ‘fess up here first thing. I did something I try not to do when reviewing books. When this book came through for a review request, my reason for reading it was I’d been enjoying another author’s gay romance lately and thought it would be good to read the same by someone else. In further honesty, though I tried my best not to do this, because it’s like comparing apples and oranges, I did compare the stories.

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REVIEW: Beauty and the Billionaire: The Wedding by Jessica Clare

Book CoverTabs’ review of Beauty and the Billionaire: The Wedding (Billionaire Boy’s Club, Book 6.5) by Jessica Clare
Contemporary Romance published by Intermix 15 Nov 16

Jessica Clare’s latest wraps up two series in one big bow, sees fan-favorite characters Gretchen and Hunter off on their happily ever after, and finally finds recurring character Daphne Petty getting some peace of her own. While Gretchen and Hunter’s impending nuptials and Gretchen’s massive amounts of stress regarding said nuptials are the background to this story, they aren’t the primary focus. The story is actually told primarily from Daphne’s perspective and that wasn’t something I was entirely prepared for. read more…

REVIEW: Ruled by Elle Kennedy

Book CoverSammy’s review of Ruled (The Outlaws, Book 3) by Elle Kennedy
Erotic Dystopian published by Berkley 01 Nov 16

Many moons ago I had the pure luck of coming across the Out of Uniform series. I think I gobbled up the entire backlist within a week. As the author has moved on to other series, I always add the first book or three to my huge TBR pile. I have both Claimed and Addicted sitting in that pile, but when Ruled came up for review, I couldn’t pass it up. You see, it hit all my reader buttons. While I seriously dislike to read out of order and this book proves why, I did enjoy this book very much. It goes without saying, I will be bumping the other two books up on my reading list. That way I can fill in the blanks. I don’t think this book can stand on its own.

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REVIEW: A Convenient Christmas Wedding by Regina Scott

Buy The Book Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of A Convenient Christmas Wedding (Frontier Bachelors, Book 5) by Regina Scott
Inspirational Historical Romance published by Love Inspired Historical 01 Nov 16

For readers looking for a feel-good, cozy holiday read, Regina Scott’s latest entry in her Frontier Bachelors series should do the trick.  Using the tried-and-true marriage of convenience theme, this is the sort of book you can crack open on Christmas Eve, lose yourself for a few hours, but not get wound up by a pile of angst that will keep you up all night.  It’s a pleasant read, and fits well in the Love Inspired Historical line, but it could have used just a teeny bit of added bite to make it truly memorable.

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