REVIEW: The Northman’s Bride by Sandra Lake

Book CoverVeena’s review of The Northman’s Bride (Sons Of The North,Book 3) by Sandra Lake
Historical Romance published by InterMix 17 May 16

I’ve been enjoying these books from Ms. Lake, but this one, though less compelling a story than the others, fired my imagination because of my upcoming trip to this part of the world. Most of the stories featuring what I’ve always referred to in the past as Scandinavian countries feature warring, skillful sailors who go a Viking in search of treasure and adventure. I just never realized until recently how deep in the shadow of Russia these countries truly lie, being on the Baltic Sea. The Russian influence on the political scene of the times is strong as amplified by this story.  I love how in a blink of an eye the warlord’s wife is now a grandmother and this story features one of the twin boys she gave birth to in that book. It’s a lot of fun visiting with the fascinating cast of characters we met amongst the pages of the first two books and see the story carry on from there.

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REVIEW: One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood

Book CoverVeena’s review of One Pink Rose (Clayborne Brides, Book 1) by Julie Garwood
Historical Western Romance re-release published by Pocket Star 09 May 16

I hate to start off a review with a peeve, but this is the second book in the past few weeks which is a re-release of a previously published book. Apparently it was first published in 1998 as a single collection with three stories featuring each of the Clayborne brothers. While it might be true that I enjoyed the story, not being able to recall a lot of the original story, but it still took away from my enjoyment to know that the publisher did not disclose it as a re-release.

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REVIEW: Commodity by Shay Savage

Book CoverKristie J’s review of Commodity (Unexpected Circumstances, Book 1) by Shay Savage
Dystopian Romance published by Amazon Digital Services 18 Oct 15

I did a review not long ago that had quite a number of excellent reviews that I gave low marks to and said that often this happens.  A book that others enjoyed didn’t fare nearly as well with me.  Well, this is an example of the opposite.  Once I finished it, I went looking at other reviews and a number of readers didn’t like this one.  On the other hand, I quite enjoyed it.  It takes a great deal of suspension of belief and if abuse of women is a hot button, best to avoid it.  But I was able to suspend belief and keep in mind this is fiction and not real, so it worked quite well.  A couple of years ago I read Transcendence by the same author and that book blew me out of the water with its impact.  Though this one doesn’t have quite the same impact, still I liked it more than some.

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REVIEW: Tempest by Cari Z

Book CoverStevie‘s review of Tempest by Cari Z
Gay Paranormal Romance published by Samhain Publishing 05 Apr 16

I’m no great fan of shifter stories, although I’m prepared to make an exception where merfolk or selkies are the main attraction. This book provides not just the merman advertised in the blurb, but also a selkie in an important supporting role. Plus the background to the story features some fabulous world-building that the author has obviously given a lot of thought to planning out.

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REVIEW: The Girl From Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux

Book CoverVeena’s review of The Girl From Summer Hill (Summer Hill, Book 1) by Jude Deveraux
Contemporary Romance published by Ballantine Books 03 May 16

What’s a girl to do when she wakes up to a handsome stranger standing naked on her back porch?  Enjoy the view, of course! And fan herself down to stay cool. Things, however, get more heated as they rub each other the wrong way every time they meet, but things definitely come to a head when she’s cast in the role of Miss Elizabeth Bennet opposite his Mr. Darcy in the town’s enactment of Pride and Prejudice. From the beginning Ms. Deveraux draws in her readers and keeps them engaged in her very own interpretation of this classic, both onstage and offstage.

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REVIEW: One with You by Sylvia Day

Book CoverSandy M’s review of One with You (Crossfire, Book 5) by Sylvia Day
Contemporary Romance published by St. Martin’s Griffin 05 Apr 16

The book we’ve all been waiting for. Some a little more unhappily anxious than others for the release. Myself, I’ve loved every minute with Gideon and Eva, even through the unexpected additions added to their story along the way. I figure it was just more time spent with them. This last book brings final growth and the closure we needed for these new friends we made over the last several years.

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REVIEW: Bound To You by Shawntelle Madison

Book CoverVeena’s review of Bound To You (At Your Service, Book 1) by Shawntelle Madison
Erotic Contemporary Romance published by Love Swept 10 May 16

This is a sweetly emotional love story with a light touch of D/s to spice it up. A strong female protagonist is always a plus for me, and Sophie definitely hits all the right notes in this category. Abandoned by her birth parents and raised in the foster system, she’s made herself into a premier concierge for the rich and famous, and it’s quite impressive to watch her wheeling and dealing through her Rolodex to deliver the goods.

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REVIEW: I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

Book CoverStevie‘s review of I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh
Women’s Crime Fiction published by Berkley 03 May 16

I’m fond of well-written unreliable narrators – the type where just enough of their story is inconsistent that the surprise, when the author pulls the rug from under our feet, is shocking but not entirely unanticipated. I like being forced to think back over what I’ve read and realise that no out-and-out untruths have been told, but that the red herrings are obvious once we know how to spot them. This stunning debut does all of that, but the story is just as powerful after the trick is revealed.

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REVIEW: Beyond Ruin by Kit Rocha

Book CoverTabs’ review of Beyond Ruin (Beyond, Book 7) by Kit Rocha
Dystopian Erotic Romance published by Kit Rocha 23 Feb 16

The O’Kanes are back with a romantic foursome in this eagerly anticipated return to Sector Four. I love this series. It’s superbly dirty with partner sharing and voyeurism and kink all over the place. It’s also marvelously feminist and diverse. I have read many a menage book and I stand by my opinion that they are monstrously difficult to write. How do you take three characters and have them build a relationship that’s equitable and doesn’t feel like there’s a third wheel? Many a popular author has failed to accomplish this for me. So is anyone really capable of pulling off a frickin’ foursome?

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