REVIEW: The Dreamer’s Song by Lynn Kurland

Book CoverVeena’s review of The Dreamer’s Song (The Nine Kingdoms, Book 11) by Lynn Kurland
Fantasy Romance published by Berkley 05 Dec 17 

These tales set in the Nine Kingdoms fascinate me. The stories are very reminiscent of the fairy tales that I enjoyed as a child, full of magic and beauty balanced by darkness and evil.  Ms. Kurland delivers taking her readers far away from modern confines into a fantasy world of her imagination.

Acair of Ceanagil comes from dark stock and presents himself as a black mage. As the story proves, he has many redeeming features. In fact, Liersinn’s inner eye can clearly see his soul perfectly balanced between dark and light. Given his propensity to do good while on this quest and his history of black wizardry, readers wonder where he’ll end up on the light to dark spectrum. read more…

DUCK CHAT: Experience the Magic with Lynn Kurland!

Lynn Kurland has kept readers enraptured in her worlds of magic and time travel for years. She’s one of those authors who can write book after book in a series and each is new and fresh, no matter if it’s the first or the eighth in line.

Her newest release, The Dreamer’s Song, is the eleventh book in her Nine Kingdom series, and it’s hitting the spot with fans just as all the previous books in the series have done.

Lynn took a few minutes to answer a few questions for all of us today. We hope you enjoy reading about the new book and other fun things in her writing life. And be sure to check out Veena’s review of The Dreamer’s Song, which will post later this afternoon.

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REVIEW: Battle Scars by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Book CoverKristie J’s review of Battle Scars by Jane Harvey-Berrick
Contemporary Romance published by Harvey Berrick Publishing

Ms. Harvey-Berrick has become one of my favourite, auto-buy authors.  She has written some emotional books that have choked me up to the point of tears running down my face.  This is not one of them.  That’s not to say it isn’t a good book, just one that it didn’t draw me in like many others to the point I feel like I’m there right beside the characters.  In this story it felt more like I was an observer from a distance.  And because I know and I’ve experienced what she can make me feel, for me, this one suffers for not drawing me in.

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REVIEW: True Colors by Yolanda Wallace

Book CoverStevie‘s review of True Colors by Yolanda Wallace
Contemporary Lesbian Romance published by Bold Strokes Books 15 Aug 17

Having parents who are famous for whatever reason always seems to be a mixed blessing. While there are advantages to growing up in a, one assumes, privileged environment, there are plenty of disadvantages: the intrusive media attention, the speculation as to whether the child will grow up to emulate their parents or to follow an opposing path, the parental pressure to conform to their and society’s expectations of the family’s place in it, or at least not to rebel too obviously. These last are possibly more keenly felt by the children of politicians, than by those whose parents are other types of celebrity, particularly in the polarised political climate that we are experiencing in various parts of the world right now. And that’s precisely the situation Taylor Crenshaw finds herself in, made particularly difficult by the fact that her beliefs and needs are precisely the opposite of those that got her father elected to the White House.

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REVIEW: Cuffed By His Charm by Stacey Kennedy

Book CoverVeena’s review of Cuffed By His Charm (Dirty Little Secrets, Book 4) by Stacey Kennedy
Erotic Romance published by Loveswept 14 Nov 17

This book picks up where the last one, Restrained Under His Duty, ends. Gabriel, having learned the truth of McKenna’s betrayal, unleashes all control and brings to life every dirty, erotic fantasy he’s ever indulged in.  Did the cameras in his bar record everything?

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REVIEW: A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole

Book CoverCecilia‘s review of A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole
Historical Romance published by Kensington 28 Nov 17

I have an irrational fear of reading books that receive a lot of praise. It’s nowhere near as intense as my fear of clowns (which is a totally legitimate thing and if you make fun of it, I will never share my cookies with you, thank you very much), but it certainly doesn’t help when the author is also a Twitter buddy of yours, whom you happen to align with politically. So when I was able to pick up an ARC of A Hope Divided, I knew I was in for it. What if my expectations were too high? What if it wasn’t a life-altering reading experience? And why the hell aren’t there more Civil War #OwnVoices romances anyway?

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REVIEW: Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

Book CoverVeena’s review of Moonlight Over Manhattan (From Manhattan With Love, Book 6) by Sarah Morgan
Contemporary Romance published by HQN Books 28 Nov 17

This is an absolutely delightful ending to the series trilogy. Ms.. Morgan delivers her surefire recipe of interesting characters mixed with the right touch of emotion, story, and dialogue, finally pulling me out of a reading slump.

Harriet is one of the most delightful characters that I’ve met between the pages of a book. She’s such a contradiction of love and pain and goodwill that I wanted to reach out and hug her.  There are quite a few times when I wanted to shake Ethan, but it’s a good thing that he managed to redeem himself in my eyes by the end of the book.

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REVIEW: A Duke in Shining Armor by Loretta Chase

Book CoverC2’s review of A Duke in Shining Armor (Difficult Dukes, Book 1) by Loretta Chase
Historical Romance published by Avon 28 Nov 17

Greetings, Faithful Reader! We all try to do our best for our families, don’t we? We want them to have good lives and all the advantages. But how much are we willing to do to ensure that happens? Are we willing to take a chance with the rest of our lives?? That’s the question our heroine has to answer. Let’s go!

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REVIEW: Up For Heir by Ruth Cardello

Book CoverTabs’ review of Up For Heir (Westerly Billionaire Series, Book 2) by Ruth Cardello
Contemporary Romance published by Montlake Romance 14 Nov 17

In this fun second-chance romance, a meddling grandmother attempts to right a wrong by playing matchmaker. Delinda Westerly unintentionally laid a devastating secret on her youngest grandson and is determined to make amends. Because she’s filthy rich, she doesn’t apologize like a normal person would. Oh no, she manipulates and schemes. You see, Spencer and Hailey dated in college but eventually broke up due to youth and circumstances. Although they both moved on, neither one really entirely got over the other. A little nudge might be all they need.

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