REVIEW: Stripped Bare by Heidi McLaughlin

Book CoverTabs’ review of Stripped Bare (Vegas Billionaire, Book 1) by Heidi McLaughlin
Contemporary Romance published by Loveswept 28 Mar 17

Well, folks, it’s only April and I’m on my second F review of the year. What could be so bad you ask? A “Pretty Woman” plot, an egotistical misogynist billionaire hero, and a ridiculous plot twist you can see coming a mile away all add up to what is easily the worst book I’ve read this year so far. (Please, please let the universe not take this as a challenge.)

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REVIEW: Silverwolf by Jacey Bedford

Book CoverStevie‘s review of Silverwolf (Rowankind, Book 2) by Jacey Bedford
Historical Fantasy published by DAW 03 Jan 17

I enjoy a fantasy world in which actions have wide-ranging consequences almost as much as I love historical fantasy that really takes the time to consider how the supernatural elements that the author introduces might influence, and be affected by, the course of actual history. In the world of the Rowankind, Jacey Bedford manages to fulfil both those needs for me, along with crafting a densely plotted adventure that’s bursting at the seams with complex characters and convoluted missions.

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REVIEW: Ever My Love by Lynn Kurland

Book CoverVeena’s review of Ever My Love (The Macleod Family) by Lynn Kurland
Time Travel Romance published by Berkley 04 Apr 17

I absolutely adore Ms. Kurland’s Nine Kingdom series and haven’t missed a single one. Of her time travel series, I have read a few now and again but haven’t been consistent. Perhaps I was missing some Nine Kingdoms action when I picked this one up. Unfortunately, I soon realized why my reading of these other series has been inconsistent and sporadic, even though there are some great characters and stories.

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REVIEW: The Seven Sins of Ruby Love by Erin Quinn

Book CoverSandy M’s review of The Seven Sins of Ruby Love (Beyond Series, Book 3) by Erin Quinn
Paranormal Romance published by Pocket Books 3 Apr 17

Erin Quinn is one of those authors I anxiously await her next book. I’ve been a fan since reading her Mists of Ireland novels beginning in 2011. So when she began this series, I was quite happy to jump right in and get to know new characters, along with a whole new world. It’s her imagination that also brings me back to her books. You won’t be reading the same old tired tropes in any Erin Quinn book.

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REVIEW: Once A Moretti Wife by Michelle Smart

Book CoverTabs’ review of Once A Moretti Wife by Michelle Smart
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Presents 01 Apr 17

Michelle Smart’s latest Harlequin Presents features a marriage in trouble, two flawed main characters, a bout of amnesia, and a secret revenge plot. Anna and Stefano Moretti married in haste, didn’t communicate with each other when they should have, let their personal anxieties and fears gnaw at them, and thoroughly mucked up their marriage beyond repair.

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REVIEW: Wilder by Rebecca Yarros

Book CoverKristie J’s review of Wilder (Renegades, Book 1) by Rebecca Yarros
Contemporary Romance published by Entangled 19 Sep 16

I read a few books in a previous series by this author with mixed results, but I had no hesitation to start this series.  While I can’t really relate to it at all that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.  The premise is the story takes place on a college campus cruise ship.  It’s still a full college course, just nicer.  Nice digs if you can get them.  The cruise ship seems to travel over a great deal of territory.  At the same time, there is a small group of students who are also doing an Xtreme sport documentary/reality show.  They are gold medalists and this is kind of a training warm-up college trip.

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REVIEW: King’s Captive by Amber Bardan

Book CoverSammy’s review of King’s Captive by Amber Bardan
Contemporary Romance published by Carina Press 13 Feb 17

I made a vow at the end of 2016 to read more *new to me* authors. This has worked out for me as a reader who has been suffering from book slumps. This is not to say that my go-to-authors are not cutting it; they are. It’s just that I really wanted to get back into reading outside my comfort zone and I also wanted to read new voices. Amber Bardan blew me away with this book and a short story that I will also talk about in a separate review. I am not one to read captive stories. I went in with zero expectations and came out on the other side with my mind completely screwed with in the best possible way.

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REVIEW: Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop

Book CoverVeena’s review of Etched in Bone (The Others, Book 5) by Anne Bishop
Urban Fantasy published by Roc 07 Mar 17

How much “human” does a terra indigene need to retain in order to fit in? That’s the question Simon Wolfgard is tasked with by the Elders.  On a more personal note he needs to figure out how much human Meg needs him to be in order to foster a strong, long-lasting relationship between them.

With her skillful pen and masterful writing, Ms. Bishop brings alive the good, bad, and ugly in human behaviors. Each progressive book in the series pulls the reader deeper and deeper into this fascinating world of the Others.  After reading these books, you’ll never view the world around you in the same way as you did before you opened the first page of a book in the series.
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REVIEW: Twice As Hard by Amber Bardan

Book CoverSammy’s review of Twice As Hard by Amber Bardan
Contemporary Erotic Romance published by Carina Press 20 March 17

I loved King’s Captive so much I was happy to see a short story release by Ms. Bardan. It’s a quick read, but it’s chock full of greatness. Like the other review, it’s going to be vague again. Sorry, but this author writes with the intention of keeping you off-kilter with some surprises and I really don’t want to ruin anything for the reader. This is another book written by this author that packs a punch. I am over the moon thrilled that there are more books in her backlist that I can download on my Kindle. Ms. Bardan is really an author who needs to be on everyone’s radar.

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