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Ride 'Em by Tilly GreeneDevon’s review of Ride ‘Em by Tilly Greene
Erotic romance ebook novella published 11 Jan 08 by Ellora’s Cave

If you look at separate elements of Ride ‘Em, they seem to add up to typical erotic romance absurdity. Icky cover model? Check. BDSM Western Novella? Check. Suggestive title? Check. Overtly sexual and somewhat ridiculous first meeting? Check. Small town peopled by kinky folk? Check. H/H have instantaneous sexual connection? Check. However, on the whole Ride ‘Em was a well-written, enjoyable read, both hot and romantic. Despite having its share of silliness.

Sunflower Forever Free (I know, right?) was raised on a commune until she left when things got a little too touchy feely. She has carved out a new life for herself in Montana, running a diner and attending local BDSM parties, held in a barn. One wild night, Sunny is riding a leather saddle enhanced with a little somethin’ extra when she is spotted by Court Dickerson, a former movie star returned to town after a few brushes with the law. Two things: first off, the “riding” the leather saddle thing kinda grossed me out, especially when the onlookers were commenting on the wetness. Yikes! Unsanitary. Secondly, though the hero and heroine came from unusual backgrounds, it didn’t really play into the story at all, which I thought a bit weird. But I guess it showed how they were two adults who had both been through a lot, and now both knew what they wanted from life, which was something I liked about the book.

Anyhow, moving on…so they meet and are instantly drawn to each other. Court gets their mutual friend to introduce him to Sunny, and next thing you know, they’re…going on a date. And getting to know each other. How different. It was nice and sweet and romantic. I found myself wondering where the sex was. Where the BDSM was. But not missing it either, just enjoying the story. And then, BAM, we fast-forward two months. What? While I understand length constraints, and I appreciated the time spent on the romance, I didn’t like the way it skipped to them being an established couple. But this made way for the big old ménage scene, as they decide to incorporate BDSM into the relationship. I’m not a big ménage fan, but it was hot!!

Ride ‘Em was distinguished by the hot sex scenes, the nice relationship development and the mature, likeable characters. I liked Sunny, silly name and all. She was a grown up and refreshingly self-aware regarding her sexual needs. She has submissive tendencies, she likes sex and that’s that. Court was a bit more bland, but he was sweet and in lurve. The BDSM elements were there, Court and Sunny are into D/S play and bondage, but it wasn’t too heavy. Although I did have some issues with the book, Ride ‘Em definitely satisfied as a quick, hot read. I would read Tilly Greene’s work again.

Devon's IconGrade: B-

At a young age, Sunflower Forever Free is put in a position where she must take control of her life. A gentle soul who has never chosen how or where she lived, she decides to stay in a small town she stumbles upon and start over. Here she has hopes of finding her white-picket-fence dream.

Rehabilitated bad boy Courtland Dickerson returns to the town of his childhood, the last place he was happy. He starts his horse-breeding business and settles on the normal path he’s always wanted, one far away from the destructive influences of his past.

Kinky games are being played behind barn doors. After one particularly wild ride, Sunflower and Courtland discover how well matched they are and together they embark on a new path.

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