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Book CoverLauraJ’s review of What’s A Ghoul To Do? by Mardi Ballou.
Paranormal Romance novella eBook released by Samhain 26 Aug 08

I may have said this in my review of Byte Marks but these are the kind of paranormal romances I love. I would rather the story focus on the romance of the hero and heroine rather than who is trying to get revenge or some type of power struggle. I don’t mind if there is some conflict. Conflict is important in a story, but I have don’t like the ones where I spend more than half of the book reading about the hero and heroine on the run or constantly battling the villain. I know some like those kinds of book, but not me. So if you are looking for a more suspenseful paranormal romance, you won’t find it in this one, but if you are like me, then you will love this book.

Lilith is a demi-ghoul who has not had the best luck at dating. Once her dates find out who she is or rather who her father is they tend to run the other way. She works with her best friend Dominique (heroine from Byte Marks) helping others find their true love. Lilith on the surface seems content that she may never find her true love, but she is hurting. The one thing I like really like about Lilith is despite the fact that she wants true love she won’t settle for someone who doesn’t accept who she is. I hate when heroine’s change or think they have to change for the hero and Lilith doesn’t.

Rafe is the pack leader and has recently learned that in order to strengthen his pack’s credibility he must choose a life mate. Rafe is content to be a bachelor and thinks that as long as he leads the pack in a fair and honest way then not having a life mate should have no impact on his ability to lead. The pack elders disagree and come to Lilith’s and Dominique’s matchmaking business to help Rafe find his life mate. The reluctant Rafe is instantly attracted to Lilith and makes his wishes known to both her and his pack that he wants Lilith. I loved him. Very sexy, very alpha and has no qualms with getting what he wants, which is Lilith as his life mate.

There is a little more suspense in this book, but the focus on this story is the romance between Rafe and Lilith. I am already looking for the next book in the series and hope that Ms. Ballou has even more in the future.

LauraJGrade: B

She’s the only mate he wants. But love isn’t on the menu.

Fangly, My Dear series

Lilith P. Graves needs to get a life. A social life. This shouldn’t be a problem, since she’s partnered with her best friend in the “Fangly, My Dear” dating service. Problem is, she keeps falling for the wrong guys, and they don’t get more wrong than the super-hot alpha Rafe Graywolf.

With the history of bad blood between her kind and his, the message is clear: Vegetarian demi-ghouls need not apply.

Obeying the call of duty, Rafe took the role of alpha at a rough time for the pack. For the sake of stability, the elders insist he find a mate. Now. A dating service isn’t normally his cut of steak, but he has little time—or choice.

But Lilith…now there’s a choice morsel he could sink his teeth into. Too bad they’re on opposite ends of the ghoul-werewolf social spectrum. Not to mention the food chain…

Read an excerpt here.

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