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Book CoverLawson’s review of Bitten by Cupid by Lynsay Sands, Pamela Palmer and Jaime Rush
Paranormal Anthology released by Avon 12 Jan 10

Obviously I’m a sucker for Lynsay Sands. When Syb handed me this book, I snapped it up. I get a lot of the historical romance as well, so this was something to lighten the historical TBR pile. Plus, Sands’ contribution is the story of Tiny, who I’m sure many have been asking for. I got to experience some new (to me) authors as well.

Vampire’s Valentine by Lynsay Sands

Tiny McGraw was a secondary character in A Bite to Remember. He’s a private investigator and Jackie’s partner. Tiny and Mirabeau LaRouche, an Argeneau cousin, are assigned to protect Dani McGill’s sister from the Immortal Hunter from those that are still looking for her. Mirabeau realizes quickly that she can’t read Tiny, her appetite is coming back and they’re lifemates. What made this story work outside of the obvious lifemate setup was Tiny’s enthusiasm for it as well as his enjoyment of getting Mirabeau to eat his cooking. It was cute, but not a lot of depth.

Grade: B-


Hearts Untamed by Pamela Palmer

Zeeland and Julianne are members of a race called the Therians. The Therians were shapeshifters once upon a time, but now they only shift in their dreams. They apparently have an enemy that could control some interesting magic. Zeeland left Julianne when he began to see her as a woman and felt Julianne was far too young. Julianne has waited for Zeeland for the last ten years, though the Therians are ok with free love and free bed partners.

This story was rather weak. The Therians didn’t make much sense, with their shapeshifting past and how they lost it. The backstory needed wasn’t really there. The characters all seemed a bit flat as well, there wasn’t much development. Not my cup of tea.

Grade: D


Kiss and Kill Cupid by Jamie Rush

This one was cute at first. Then came the serial killer’s thoughts and I was totally turned off. Especially when Kat, the heroine, hears these thoughts but can’t hear the thoughts of Adrian, the hero. Oh, and they’re part of a secret government project. I couldn’t get through this story at all. I’m not a bit suspense fan and the serial killer’s thoughts in the first couple of pages made me not want to read it.

Grade: DNF

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I don’t know what overall grade to give this one, since the last story was a DNF.

Overall grade: C (or DNF)