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Book CoverConnie’s Quick Quack review of Deadly Gift (The Flynn Brothers Trilogy, Book 3) by Heather Graham
Romantic Suspense released by MIRA 1 Dec 08

Heather Graham is an old hand at giving you a story you want to read and this is no exception. 

Caer is spending Christmas with strangers to help protect Sean O’Riley – a man who seems to be threatened and they must figure out by whom, or he could end up dead

Sean goes to the old country for a visit and takes sick about the same time his business partner disappears.  Sean is accompanied by Zach Flynn, an old family friend and someone the family trusts to guard Sean. Zach stays to help unravel the mystery.  Sean has trouble believing someone wants to hurt him and is reluctant to believe his longtime friend is dead.

Sean’s daughter is sure he married an evil gold-digger and, since the woman is about her age, you figure she married for money, but is she evil? This is one of the questions you must answer to unravel the mystery.

It turns out this is not a new idea and the answers are old and long planned. Since I love serial killers I missed Zach’s brothers and was not sure where this story would go but it was worth getting there and I’m sorry I missed the other two books in the trilogy.

connies-icon.jpgGrade: B-


Zachary Flynn is off to Ireland to escort an old friend, Sean O’Riley, home to Rhode Island after a bout of illness in the land of his birth. Zach has no idea he’ll be coming home with far more than old friends. While Zach doubts that murder was intended, he must accept the possibility, since Sean’s business partner has gone missing. Caer, a woman with an agency in Ireland, knows that Sean’s life is in danger, and she takes on the role of Sean’s nurse to stay close to him. Zach doesn’t trust her anymore than he trusts the third partner in the sailing and charter business, his wife, the cops, or the man in the moon.

But if Sean is to make another Christmas, especially after receiving a strange gift in the mail, he knows he has to find the truth behind the mist that comes in the night, and the strange whispers of ancient Ireland that tease him in the darkness.

No excerpt available at the time this review was written.