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book cover Limecello’s review of Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice
Erotic romance published by Avon Red on 1 Jul 08

I’ve never read a book by Lisa Marie Rice before this, but I definitely plan on reading more. That may be a reason why I enjoyed this book so much, or I’m contrary and liked it because I was told I might not like it. 😉 No – this book is very well written, the story flows well, and I found myself re-reading parts while reading, it was that good.

Charity Prewitt is a great romance heroine, because well, she’s so normal. But this is a positive – she’s your average woman, attractive, smart, has a job, and is dutiful. She’s not unhappy with her life, though she knows it could be a bit better. She’s a regular person, but she’s good. Charity knows her limits, but is willing to put herself at risk and step outsider her comfort zone to do what needs to be done. She’s a character you respect, admire, but more importantly, one you like.

Nick is interesting and at times unexpected. Actually, I felt the opening was somewhat misleading. Still, Nick is the type of romance hero we all love. He’s alpha – capable, and able to handle any type of situations, yet he’s human. I loved that he knew his limits – during one scene, he could admit he wasn’t the best at x,y or z – but he does know where his gifts lie. It’s nice to read about characters that are so self aware. He’s layered and complex, but I think a very important detail is that Charity makes him spin out of control. We romance readers are a bit twisty, so we love when a hero’s world just falls apart, because he’s mad for the heroine (in a healthy way).

Nick’s intensity is what carries a lot of the book. He’s willing to sacrifice everything for Charity- including himself. In a way, it’s almost scary, because he becomes an uncertainty. A friend once said she didn’t find Secret Service Agents attractive basically because she felt that someone willing to die for a position was too extreme. Nick is definitely there, and I can see how some people wouldn’t particularly like that. It’s unsettling.

One thing I that annoyed me, was very minor. It was Charity’s self-proclaimed, as it were, unfamiliarity with wealth, immediately paired with her recognition of Armani suits. The kicker was when she “wasn’t sure” if the car Nick drove was a Lexus. I think it’s a culmination of frustration with romance novels across the board. I work with suits, and have spent more time than I should trolling high end stores and sites, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t recognize Armani, Manolo’s, etc (unless the label was showing). Which takes me to my next point – hello, the giant “L” symbol on the car would be a dead giveaway. The only car Makes that people could be unsure about would be Porsche – because there are a lot of shield logos out there, and Maybach – because, really, who drives those? (Ok, so not only – but I’m making a point here.)

Still, the plot is interesting and engaging. The characters are developed and believable, the villains realistic and fitting. The chemistry between Nick and Charity generates enough heat to be labeled an alternative energy source. I liked the side stories and secondary characters, the setting, their personalities, the events… and I had a tiny squee moment when Filene’s Basement was mentioned. I’d have to nitpick to find anything I truly disliked about the book. (Which I did in the previous paragraph because I happened upon that minor detail while trying to find which school Charity attended.)

Basically, this is a book I would recommend to any reader. Beautifully written, and it’s just so good.

LimecelloGrade: A

Small-town librarian Charity Prewitt never dreamed she’d meet and fall in love with a man like Nicholas Ames. The handsome, rich, charming, sexy-as-hell millionaire blew into tiny Parker’s Ridge, Vermont, and immediately rocked her world. Powerful, sensual, the perfect man, Nick knows all the right words-and all the right spots to touch, sending her soaring to dizzying new heights of ecstatic abandon. Never before has prim and proper Charity leapt into bed with a perfect stranger-and now that she’s there with him, nothing is going to drag her away!

But Nick Ames is not who he claims to be. In truth, he is Nicholas Ireland-the one they call “Iceman.” A former Delta Force operator, now a high-level undercover agent, he will do whatever his government asks of him-lie, seduce, betray . . . even kill, if necessary-for the sake of the mission. And this time his mission is Charity Prewitt.

Suddenly one woman has broken down his chilly restraint and ignited his passions completely. And before the erotic dream turns into a nightmare, will Charity be able to melt the Iceman’s cold, cold heart?

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