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Everything Forbidden by Jess MichaelsFinn’s review of Everything Forbidden by Jess Michaels
Historical erotic romance released by Avon Red 30 Oct 07

Talk about HOT! I really enjoyed this book. Naughty little Miranda Albright has watched her neighbor, Ethan Earl of Rothschild, as he fornicated with his summer lover for years. Well now her family is in dire straights and in need of assistance. Miranda does the sacrificial lamb thing and tells him she will be his summer lover in exchange for coming-out Seasons for her sisters. Yeah, what a hardship! (Giggle)

You just want to hit Miranda’s mother in this book. She has not come to grips with the fact that her family is running out of funds fast. She wants to spend way outside their means and Miranda has to try to rope her in.

I love Miranda’s idea; she takes matters into her own hands and finds a way to help her family. She already has decided not to wed, and she has been watching Ethan for 3 years!

Ethan is very willing to collect the payment for his financial support of the Albright sisters from Miranda. Ethan even has a chamber in his home for just such occasions; I came to refer to it in my head as the Fantasy Room. Of course, like any romance novel, the hero and heroine try to keep from loving each other but end up confused and struggling with their feelings.

I love that the book starts out with a love scene. Heck, that’s the main reason I read these romance novels! The author’s description is FABULOUS! The pictures that are painted with words are very arousing. I like that Michaels makes Ethan a man who uses all of his sense when it comes to sex. Ultimately, is that what we all want, a man that is creative and in tune with us.  Right?

Finn's iconGrade: A

From the back cover:

     Country miss Miranda Albright has secretly watched her wicked neighbor, Ethan Hamon, the Earl of Rothschild, as he ‘entertained’ lovers on the grounds of his country estate for three summers. But after her father dies and the family falls into financial peril, Miranda is driven to strike a bargain with the Earl. He will play financial and social host for a Season for each of her three younger sisters… in exchange for three months of sin with her.

     Miranda has always ached for the passion she’s spied upon, but she knows Ethan is the kind of man who could steal her heart, as well as claim her body. And falling in love with a man who admits she is nothing but a game to him could be the most dangerous and forbidden seduction of all.

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