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book cover Limecello’s review of Bossman’s Baby Scandal by Catherine Mann
Contemporary romance released by Silhouette Desire 12 Jan 10

This is a new Silhouette Desire series titled “Kings of the Boardroom.” Yes, and yes. I generally check out Catherine Mann’s books – so I was definitely intrigued by the new series, and the book blurb. The title is misleading, as the hero isn’t the boss, or even a boss, and he definitely isn’t the heroine’s boss. Which, I admit, I liked more than if it had been so. Bossman’s Baby Scandal was a very enjoyable book.

Lauren Presley is a fantastic heroine because she’s smart, capable, likable, successful, and normal. She owns her own business, lives her own life, but everything seems to be crashing down around her. Lauren’s mother is a rather large burden, and her business is failing. I liked that Lauren didn’t hole up and snivel, nor did she go running to someone – especially a man – for help. Luckily, help finds her. Something else I appreciated was that Lauren, while independent, didn’t feel the need to assert herself so much as to detrimentally affect her life. She’s very practical.

Jason Reagert is a darling, and… for the sake of continuing alliteration, also a doofus. He actually cares for Lauren, and wants a relationship with her – but doesn’t himself know it yet. This makes his actions more forgivable, as Jason couches his concern and desire to help Lauren in terms of protecting his career. Jason’s ultimate concern seems to be for his job, but he’s using it as a crutch. The fact that he’s doing so, but doesn’t realize it, made me like him much more – otherwise he would have been a heartless jerk. But Jason has so much more depth than that.

I was intrigued by the secondary characters in this book – especially Jason’s coworkers. I’m wondering if they’ll be featured in the subsequent books in this series. Both Jason and Lauren also had family drama, but it helped bring them together. Additionally, I liked that Jason didn’t reconcile with his parents by the end of Bossman’s Baby Scandal. While there is a happy ending, and a lot of forward progress, the fact that not everything is picture perfect gives the story a realistic quality, and saves it from being too pat or saccharine.

I was utterly satisfied by the conclusion of this book. For once, I felt that the hero and heroine met almost exactly in the middle. Neither Jason nor Lauren gives up too much. They both make changes and adapt, and are willing to sacrifice for the other. Even if it’s not necessary, the thoughts and sentiments are crucial. I also thought it was important that Lauren and Jason didn’t demand changes from the other person. For example, Jason never demanded Lauren completely change herself or give up her life to be with him. In fact, he wanted her to continue doing what she loved – he just wanted to make it easier for her. The fact that both are willing to change and compromise on their separate lives to build one together is a fantastic focal point.

The epilogue was very cute, and I felt that it brought everything full circle- but in a fun and quirky way. I’ve also just found out that Emilie Rose wrote the next book in this miniseries, and as Ms. Rose is one of my favorite harlequin authors, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy category romances, and those who like Ms. Mann’s books.

And this is relatively irrelevant, but I’d just like to share how very excited and pleased I am that Ms. Mann’s website is updated. Kudos and gold star!

LimecelloGrade: B+

Nothing had stopped Jason Reagert from making his own millions. And now that he was securely ensconced at Maddox Communications, he was determined to become an even bigger success. Then startling news broke and Jason—along with everyone else—discovered he had gotten heiress Lauren Presley pregnant. He couldn’t afford even a whiff of scandal, so he proposed to his lover of one night. Surely she’d agree to a lifetime of convenience, if only for the baby’s sake.

Read an excerpt here.