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book cover Limecello’s review of The Moretti Heir by Katherine Garbera
Contemporary romance released by Silhouette Desire 10 Mar 09

I got this book because it was part of the Man of the Month series, and also because it’s by Katherine Garbera. Admittedly, there were other motivating factors, as Marco Moretti’s  description is “Italian millionaire.” I’m a sucker for these books, and I’m definitely glad I read this one. Ms. Garbera writes romances that are very enjoyable, and offer the entire package in a category length.

Virginia Festa was so normal… but not. She’s normal, in that she’s a regular woman. Virginia leads a nondescript life, and aside from attracting the attention (and more) of Marco, there’s nothing special about her. Although there is the fact that her grandmother was a strega. And… I thought she was kind of insane. Magic sperm to end a curse? Are you kidding me? (Well, a baby, actually, but I didn’t consider that to be much better.) Thankfully, I didn’t think about it too hard. And… while the story revolves around this key aspect, it also doesn’t focus on it. I can’t explain it, but although I hate that premise and part of the plot, I loved the rest of the book.

Marco Moretti is a darling. He’s sweet, human, caring, extremely athletic and talented, and falls for Virginia quickly. I liked that Marco wasn’t entirely sure of Virginia, but did want to have a relationship with her and see what happened from there. He did have some terms and overbearing moments, but I found them easily forgivable, considering what Virginia was after. Nevertheless, the Moretti brothers also believe in the curse… so in a way they were all normal in their craziness. Or, non craziness to them.

I think it’s clear I was less than enthralled by the, dare I say minor paranormal aspect of this story? I suppose it works to draw Virginia and Marco together. But… having a baby, but not falling in love, to end a curse so Virginia and Marco could each fall in love – with someone else? It sounds complicated, and it is complicated. Nevertheless, trying to get pregnant does throw Virginia and Marco together, and a relationship develops.

I liked that Virginia wasn’t able to walk away from Marco as easily as she wanted. Also, the Marco demanded rights to his child – his responsibility and sense of duty says a lot about him. Virginia’s actions while a bit off the wall and seemingly desperate, also make sense. She believes in the curse, has seen it’s effects, and is determined to not live out her life alone. I found that admirable.

The Moretti Heir also impressed me because there were so many things about it I was predisposed to dislike. The strange baby plot. The fact that Marco is a race car driver. The fact that the story is based on deception. I don’t know much about racing, but it’s definitely not my thing. However, I think it did make a difference that Marco is a Formula One race car driver. The international circuit makes it more cosmopolitan, and I liked the change in setting throughout the book. Where they were allowed Marco and Virginia to act differently, and that really helped develop both their personalities, and relationship. It’s clear that both had already formed strong emotional ties to the other.

I liked Virginia and Marco very much, as well as the secondary characters. Each had his or her own part to play, and developed the plot of The Moretti Heir rather than distracted the reader from it. I’ve already re-read this story, and plan to do so again. I definitely recommend this book to Ms. Garbera’s fans, or those who like the Silhouette Desire line.

LimecelloGrade: B+


Mr. March: Marco Moretti, Italian millionaire.

His Curse: Love or money, never both.

His Conquest: Defeat a generations-old legacy with one seduction.

His competitor’s daughter had come to him with the ultimate request: impregnate her and their families would be free of the curse that plagued them. The chemistry between Marco and Virginia Festa was electric, and the solution seemed simple. Yet begetting the Moretti heir created the most impossible of situations. They’d each fallen in love with the opposition.

MAN OF THE MONTH: Determined to end Moretti’s Legacy, only he knows to what lengths he will go!

Read an excerpt here.