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Book CoverDevon’s review of Big Bad Wolf (The Others, Book 8 ) by Christine Warren
Paranormal Romance released by St. Martin’s 29 September 2009

Christine Warren’s The Others series are a set of sexy, lighthearted romps based mostly in Manhattan. They follow an urban group of various supernatural races as they prepare for, and go through with, making themselves known to the human world. After awhile, I find that the heroines are a bit too similar to each other, but otherwise these books are a reliable choice for a fun read that’ll keep your interest for a few hours.

Although this is advertised as the eighth book in the series, it must be noted that Big Bad Wolf is a revised and expanded version of a previously published Ellora’s Cave ebook (as were One Bite With a Stranger and You’re so Vein). So the plot and the romance actually take place earlier in the timeline of the series, if you know what I mean. Those who began with Wolf at the Door, and earlier installments will already be familiar with werewolf alpha Graham Winters and his luna Missy Roper. While it doesn’t deter from my enjoyment, it can be a bit weird. Things haven’t happened yet, but I know they will. Newcomers to the series may prefer to figure out the chronological order, and read them that way, rather than going by the published order (see booklist at her site).

Graham is a sexy Alpha werewolf who is growing increasingly dissatisfied with his love life, busy as it is. Missy Roper is the human kindergarten teacher, way too mousy to get Graham’s attention. (Of course, she is really quite sassy and spunky, aren’t they all). When Missy’s friends get her dolled up for a party, she gains Graham’s immediate notice. Her scent, her looks…could she…could she be his elusive mate. Of course she is! However, Missy’s not thrilled that Graham doesn’t realize that he’s already met her, when she was the maid of honor and he was the best man in a wedding party. She doesn’t believe that someone as gorgeous as Graham could ever notice her.

There is not a whole lot of plot outside of the romance. A bit of tussling over the pack hierarchy, which doesn’t add too much excitement or suspense. What we have here is a slight but entertaining romance. Nothing new or earthshaking, but fun. It serves as a good introduction to the Silverback clan, who play a large role in later installments. Warren uses the tired soul mate trope, but she always makes it work. There’s chemistry, banter, and they actually get to know each other, as Graham tries to convince Missy that they belong together, and Missy tries to decide if she wants to get involved with Graham and this strange new world.

If you enjoy light paranormal romance that’s not too corny, this is a good series to try. This is a fun addition to the series, and may be actually be a good place to start.

Devon's IconGrade: B-

The Summary:
Graham Winters is a werewolf with a problem. His idiot cousin Curtis wants to take over as Alpha of the Silverback Clan because of an archaic Lupine tradition that says an unmated Lupine can’t lead a pack. So what is Graham supposed to do? Pull a mate out of his hat? Where else will he find the perfect woman for him in time to thwart Curtis’s plans?

As it turns out, the answer is right under his nose.

Six months of unrequited lust for a playboy werewolf have gotten Missy no closer to fulfilling her fantasy of becoming the love of Graham Winters’s life. But when her four best friends decide to dress her up for a blind date the night of Reggie and Misha’s engagement party, everything changes. Suddenly Graham is declaring his undying lust, the members of his pack are calling her Luna, and his cousin and rival are trying to kill her. Clearly, a little adventure can go a long way.
Now the question is whether Missy is willing to risk her heart and her life for a chance at finding out whether werewolves really do mate for life…
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