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book cover Limecello’s review of Tycoon for Auction by Katherine Garbera
Contemporary romance released by Silhouette Desire on 1 Apr 03

I always like a story that features an auction, especially when the heroine bids on the hero and wins, as is the case with Tycoon for Auction. My reading this was rather serendipitous. I like auction books (curious, but there it is), and I like books by Katherine Garbera. Win, win. So, I got this from bookmooch. But more importantly, this is the sequel to The Tycoon’s Lady, which I apparently read before I started reviewing here. Huh.  Nevertheless, this was a very sweet story that had that old school “Harlequin” feel to it.

Corrine Martin is an interesting heroine. She’s quiet, understated, and I feel that her original career seems to fit her personality best. She started out as a personal assistant, but worked her way up. When her boss was promoted, he took her with him. Not that Corrine doesn’t deserve that on her own merits. However, I found her to be a little bland. She’s intense and focused on her job, but has made her career her entire life. I simply felt that I didn’t really have a grasp of who Corrine was as a person outside of work.

Rand Pearson, however, was a much more interesting hero. I wish that his story could have been longer. I think there’s a lot of material for an author to work with in Rand’s story. He’s convinced he’s not meant to have a normal life. He’s punished himself for countless years because his twin died in an accident, and is a recovered alcoholic. I liked that Rand, although an incredibly successful businessman, was a real person who dealt with real problems. Rand is a playboy and someone who is a lot of fun to be around, but he’s got a darker side that he keeps to himself.

I found that Rand and Corrine  worked well together, and they were surprisingly similar, both having more depth than one might initially suppose. I also liked that both had baggage that they were willing to work through. It was nice their interaction was so realistic. Painful, yet real. I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t all easy going for them, and that their bumps in the road weren’t the cause of pat remarks or overused plot devices. It was nice to see that Rand still had to work through his issues, but that Corrine was there to support him.

I also really liked that Ms. Garbera included the scenes with Rand’s family, and that there was a sort of closure to that issue. I felt that it really gave both Rand and Corrine more dimension, but also allowed them to more forward as a couple. I really believed that they were going to work as a couple, and that they had a strong relationship. Unfortunately outside of that, I didn’t think anything about Tycoon for Auction was very memorable. The title also seems slightly misleading.

Overall I enjoyed this story. I liked that there were familiar characters that had a role, but a minor one. (Yes, I do miss how the “old school” series were written. I wish authors would go back to this.) Tycoon for Auction also had a nice focus on the relationship and romance between the hero and heroine. I like it, but wasn’t amazed or blown away. It’s a nice read for a sunny afternoon, when you want a short but sweet romance don’t want anything too heavy or distracting.

LimecelloGrade: C

To-die-for executive Rand Pearson’s time on the auction block was well spent, according to high bidder Corrine Martin. She needed an escort for company functions — no strings attached. This emotionally scarred woman had no time for men — even extremely wealthy and gorgeous ones — and never expected desire to waylay her best-laid plans. But then she felt Rand’s lips on hers, his fervent hands on her body. Suddenly business took a back seat to fiery seduction.
To Rand, Corrine was the only bright spot in a life darkened by a terrible secret. She’d agreed to an affair, but he wanted so much more. Could he persuade her to promote her “temp” to a permanent, lifelong position?
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