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Kidnapped! by Jo LeighAlicia’s review of Kidnapped! by Jo Leigh
Contemporary romantic suspense released 1 Sep 07 by Harlequin Blaze

I enjoy Jo Leigh’s writing. Let me say, first, that I’ve only read her Blaze titles. The plots move and the dialogue is enjoyable. I can count on her books when I need to unwind. They don’t ask too much from me.

Tate is friendly but flawed as a result of tragic events in her past. She doesn’t want a lot. She’d just like to have a chance to go out with Michael like a normal person would.

Michael is in a security job when he’d really rather still be in the military because of his younger brother. He’s not bitter, though. He’s a nice guy. He likes Tate a lot and sees what her life is really like better than most people.

The beginning of the book just zips happily along. I cringed when the brother is introduced, just like I was supposed to. I felt sad for Tate but respected her struggle to overcome her weakness. I wanted to swoon over Michael’s integrity and loyalty. I felt her friend was a real friend. Good to go.

Then, I hit a speed bump after the action got going. I hit the limit of my believability threshold when Michael and Tate got naked together when the bad guys could come in at any time. It may seem like a small thing and I’m sure lots of people will just ignore it and love the book but when it happened a few more times (not exactly, but in similar ways they weren’t acting like they were in a life or death struggle) it ruined my enjoyment for a good portion of the story.

BUT… the hot scenes were very hot. I liked the scene where she comes into her own with the bad guy and I enjoyed the dialogue at the end of the book.

Alicia's IconGrade: C

From the back cover:

     Okay, it’s certainly an unconventional way for Manhattan heiress Tate Baxter to conquer her fears. But when your whole life takes place behind the tinted windows of a limo and your household staff are all gun-toting ex-CIA, drastic measures have to be taken. Especially when one member of that staff has got her all hot and bothered.

     Chauffeur Michael Caulfield has just one assignment — keeping Tate safe. But when she’s kidnapped for real, the only way he can save her is to become a prisoner with her. He may be just “the help,” but as her take-charge protector, he’s the Michael of her sexual fantasies. Maybe a man she can trust and even dare to love? Except once out of his uniform, he isn’t exactly laying bare all his secrets — to Tate.

     Read an excerpt.

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