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Veena’s review of Million Dollar Christmas Proposal by Lucy Monroe
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Presents 01 Nov 13

Tycoon Enzo Tomasi wants to give his recently orphaned niece and nephew a mother for Christmas. In typical business like fashion he calls in his discreet personal assistant and assigns her the task of finding a suitable candidate. I find this story a refreshing twist on a typical holiday miracle where scrooge finds his heart and the children revel in their Christmas miracle.
 Audrey Miller is praying for a miracle when she overhears Enzo’s requirements. Is her luck changing for the better? This formidable young lady confronts Enzo in his office and proceeds to sell herself as the right fit for his job opening. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the entire job specification when she lands the job, but she adapts.

I enjoyed Audrey’s character. She walks away from a life of comfort, as well as her dreams, to provide a safe haven for her young brother. Now she’s willing to sacrifice the rest of her life to help her brother achieve his dreams. Along the way she’s going to ensure the happiness of two young children. Clearly selfless, Audrey needs to be rewarded.

Enzo is like a Richie Rich character who is born into a wealthy family but has never experienced the warmth of loving parents or siblings. The adage that money doesn’t truly buy happiness is never truer than when you read about Enzo’s family. Determined to give his newly orphaned niece and nephew all the warmth that he would have liked in his life, he’s extremely lucky that it’s Audrey who intercepted his business proposal.

It is fun seeing the transformation of the business tycoon into the family man that Audrey molds him into. This is a sweet, tender romance with all the holiday spirit that one could wish for.

Grade: B


Two people need the most amazing holiday miracle of all: love.
Enzu is determined to offer his orphaned niece and nephew the family he’d craved but never known, even if he has to pay a few million for a “loving mother.”

Audrey learns of her CEO’s crazy scheme and sees it as an opportunity to provide the high end education her brilliant brother deserves. Besides, she knows you can’t buy love and those orphaned children deserve better than the women Vincenzo Tomasi is going to draw with his multi-million dollar offer.

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