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Book CoverVeena’s review of Nightfire (Protectors Trilogy, Book 3) by Lisa Marie Rice
Romantic Suspense published by Avon Red 7 Feb 12

Nightfire is the concluding story in the Protectors Trilogy from Lisa Marie Rice. Sam Reston (Into the Crossfire), Harry Bolt (Hotter than Wildfire) and Mike Keillor (Nightfire) forged their friendship and became” brothers” at the foster home where each of their personal life tragedies brought them to.  The story starts with them having completed their stint in the special forces (Delta Force, SEAL, Marine), they’ve now opened a successful security business and also run an underground railroad to help abused women and children disappear and set up new lives.  Sam and Harry found their HEA in Books 1 and 2, leaving Mike struggling with his darkness and feeling alone in the midst of his brothers’ happiness.

Chloe Mason has spent her childhood and formative years in and out of hospitals as her body and bones have been put together.  She has vague recollections of her brother Harry, but it isn’t until the death of her adoptive parents that she discovers the complete story and hires a private detective to help her find her sibling.  She shows up unannounced to meet with him and Mike. For Mike it is love at first sight, particularly since her brightness seems to dispel the shadows around him.  She definitely  reciprocates this attraction, but before they can explore it further and deepen it into a relationship, Mike’s darkness catches up with him and he is accused of raping and physically abusing a woman he met in a bar the night before he met Chloe.

While Mike is acquitted, actually with Chloe’s help, Harry warns him away from his sister and Mike honors his word. Chloe starts to volunteer at a women’s shelter and inadvertently steps on the toes of the Russian Mob, where she helps prostitutes develop a backbone and stand up for their rights.  Mike and Chloe find their way back together and finally kick off the romance as they stand against these gangsters.

I find that this book is not as good as the first two and the story seems to be a little disjointed and slow to get started.  Once the Russian Mob becomes engaged and the love story starts to take off, the book becomes more interesting and flows into a great ending.  I would recommend this book only because it brings closure to Mike’s story and, therefore, to the series.  It is heartwarming to see that love conquers all and these three men get their well-deserved happy endings.

Grade: B


Chloe Mason can’t remember much about her childhood, except for being in and out of hospitals. Now healthy and all grown up, she’s determined to fill the gaping hole that was her past. When she finds her long lost brother, Harry, she discovers family and something else that was missing from her life. Love.

As a child, Mike Keillor helplessly watched as his parents were massacred. Vowing to never again be vulnerable, he joined the Marines and became a Recon sniper, SWAT officer, and an expert in martial arts, before establishing his own successful security company. When his friend and partner Harry reconnects with his long lost sister, Chloe, the hard-as-nails Mike is felled by the one thing he can’t fight. Love.

But their future is jeopardized when Chloe accidently steps into the path of the Russian mob. Though his adversary is way bigger than he is, nothing can stop Mike from saving the woman who has captured his heart. He lost his family, and he will not lose Chloe. Failure is not an option.

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