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Book Cover C2’s review of Animal Attraction (Animal Magnetism, Book 2) by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary Romance published by Berkley 4 Oct 11

What happens when a control freak temp and a commitment-phobe of a vet collide?  It can’t be good, right?  Especially when the temp’s time is almost up and she will be moving hundreds of miles away.  Not to worry, faithful reader, if Jill Shalvis is in charge of things, you know you’re in good hands.

Jade Bennett has worked at the Belle Haven Animal Clinic for eighteen months but is finally getting ready to end her “temporary” job.  She had planned to leave after a year but wasn’t quite ready to – and maybe she still isn’t, but she promised her family she would return to Chicago and take up the obligations there she dropped so quickly.  Jade was working late at her family’s offices and there was a break-in.  It affected her more than she thought and Jade just couldn’t make herself go back to her office.  Instead, she just started driving and eventually found herself at Belle Haven – and they were in dire need of someone to run the office side of things.

Dell Connelly never intended to keep Jade around as office manager – she was only supposed to fill in until someone more qualified was found. Little did he know that Jade would soon make herself indispensable.  Now Dell can’t help but feel like she is abandoning him – and the clinic, of course.  He can talk almost any creature into doing what he wants, but he can’t talk his way around Jade.  She’s had his number from day one. Jade and Dell have danced around each other ever since she arrived at Belle Haven.  Neither one will acknowledge the attraction, but it’s there.  Finally, just before it’s time for Jade to go back home, they can’t fight it anymore.  Isn’t that always the way it goes?

I like the way Jade works through some of her issues from the break-in with self-defense training.  And I think it’s insightful of Dell to know she needs something like that (especially since it’s based on very little information – very private, Ms. Jade is).  And when Dell finally turns Jade loose in his office to clean and organize it?  Best unspoken “I love you” ever.  🙂 Letting her go with him to his mom’s is too, but the office thing?  So sweet!

Is it really suspenseful, as far as the whole “will Jade return to her old life and never look back”?  Not so much.  But this is a romance, people!  Are Dell’s issues with his mom completely explained and resolved?  No – although more information might come to light in Adam’s book.  But this isn’t a psychology treatise, either, is it, faithful reader?

I enjoyed Animal Attraction.  Even control freaks and commitment-phobes can find love.  Jade and Dell are a fun couple and manage to find hidden depths in each other – he lightens her up and she finds his more serious side.  I’m looking forward to Adam’s book. If you want a good, solid contemporary romance with characters that are fun but not silly, Jill Shalvis never disappoints.

CSquareds C2 Icon Grade: B


She’s tempting his basic instincts…

Sunshine, Idaho, is a quiet ranching town, a perfect place to give injured animals a refuge…or to find one. And veterinarian Dell Connelly suspects there’s a reason his clinic’s uber-efficient receptionist has taken shelter here.

Jade Bennett couldn’t be happier to escape her well-meaning but smothering family and their expectations, not to mention the big-city jungle. There’s nothing like working with injured animals, having a forlorn, grumpy stray kitten make its home under her desk…or enjoying the gorgeous views of her ruggedly sexy boss.

Jade is used to planning everything in her life, but Dell’s understanding has sparked an uncontrollable desire. And though Dell has never had time for love, Jade’s strength and sass is the kind of call no red-blooded male can resist…

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