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Book CoverSandy M’s review of All or Nothing (The Lonnigans, Book 2) by Dee Tenorio
Contemporary Romance ebook published by Samhain
27 Jul 10

I’ve had a couple of second books of a series outshining the first lately. All or Nothing is in that category for me. And it surprises me, because I wasn’t that thrilled with Lucas in All of You, but Ms. Tenorio turned that around on me and I ended up loving him quite a bit.

In All of You, Kyle and Lucas switch dates and Kyle finds the love of his life.  We pick up in this book as Lucas realizes the woman his brother was to meet is none other than Belinda, who he’s traded barbs and insults with forever and who he’s actually in love with but who wants nothing to do with him.

It’s not that Belinda doesn’t want Lucas. She’s afraid of what a relationship with him will be like, more than likely a copy of her parents’, domestic violence and all. So she’d rather keep him at arm’s length than give her heart to him, only to have it pulverized. Love to her means being battered down in every way imaginable.

But after a mind-blowing night together, Lucas is not going to allow Belinda to push him away anymore. He tosses a wager her way, knowing she won’t be able to resist — all or nothing between them. This is his chance to show her how being together can be for them, and the man does it up right, even if he stumbles a time or two, which is that much more endearing.

Belinda does her best to discourage him, returning his gifts (even the puppy! — which was difficult for her to do), keeping the insults at an all-time high, but Lucas has stamina. I really enjoyed it when Lucas’ bet included her dressing as she used to instead of in her standard goth get-up. Terrific scenes from a friend helping her get ready for their date to Lucas’ reaction to the Belinda he used to know. And there’s a lot of nicely done gems just like that throughout the book.

I’m surprised I didn’t get a little annoyed with Belinda’s poor me attitude, but Ms. Tenorio makes her so likable from the beginning, I felt for her and cheered for her more than being annoyed with her. For what she’d been through, she deserves some happiness, and the only thing I wish is it wouldn’t have taken her so long to see Lucas is that happiness. But she has to do it in her own time.

This is a fun sequel. The banter between Lucas and Belinda is entertaining, while their doubts, vulnerabilities, and Belinda’s past keep you centered on what’s at stake for them. It’s definitely all or nothing.

SandyMGrade: B+


In this game of love, winning is not an option.

Lucas Lonnigan thinks he’s finally gotten the best of his twin brother, until he discovers his half of a date-swap is none other than metal artist Belinda Riggs. A leather-dipped Goth queen who considers him a cross between a pin cushion and a science project—and the woman he’s loved forever.

Belinda isn’t exactly overjoyed to see him, either. In her opinion, love means becoming a punching bag, and she won’t be anyone’s doormat. Lucas is too dangerously tempting to allow within striking distance of her heart, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting.

After one blazing night of passion, Lucas finds himself locked out of Belle’s life with seemingly no chance to get back in. With nothing left to lose, Lucas makes a final play and appeals to the one thing Belle can’t say no to—a dare. Winner take all.

Lucas may think this crazy game will decide their relationship, but she sees it as her chance to finally set him free—and maybe indulge in the sexiest goodbye of her life…

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