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Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of The Tale of the Dancing Girl (Maeve & Devlin #3) by Grace D’Otare
Historical erotic romance short story ebook released by Spice Briefs 01 Nov 2009

I like to read short stories because it’s a good way to find new authors without investing a lot of time and money.  I hit the jackpot with this latest by Grace D’Otare which is apparently part of a series.  Needless to say, I’m going back and buying the first two stories.

Devlin and Maeve are a married couple driving along a rain-soaked deserted road.  Devlin enjoys it when his wife tells him naughty stories, and this time out he wants a story of a woman who is afraid and a man who helps her overcome her fears.

Delilah is a young widow working as a tutor in the Khan’s palace.  She’s been teaching the girls English, and they’ve been teaching her to dance.  As a favor to a sick girl, Delilah takes her place in a performance for the Khan and some palace guests, only to realize with horror that Colonel Weston is in the audience!  He’s been patiently trying to catch her eye for months, and she’s dismissed him because she has vowed to not fall in love with another soldier.  But after the highly erotic dance, and some personal sensual lessons from one of the girls, will Delilah finally make the leap and fall into the Colonel’s embrace?

This was a highly sensual, erotic story with a satisfying romantic ending.  Delilah is scared, and fearful of moving on with her life, but learning to dance has begun to awaken her own desires.  It takes a push in the right direction to get her to open her eyes, and her heart, to not be afraid anymore.  Weston cuts a dashing figure (in uniform and out) and endears himself to the reader by being totally smitten with Delilah.  Even with the short word count, I bought into their romance completely.

This is a good short story I would highly recommend to both regular erotic romance readers, and those who don’t dip their toes in the genre too often.  There is some girl-on-girl action here, which serves it’s purpose in awakening Delilah from her stupor, preparing her to take a chance on Colonel Weston who has been desperately trying to win her favor.  It’s sensual, erotic, and a romance.  Very well done indeed.

Wendy TSLGrade: B+


Devlin loves it when Maeve tells him erotic stories. This time, he wants a story about a woman who is afraid—and the man who helps her overcome all her fears….

Delilah took the place of the young dancing girl as a favor…but she didn’t expect Colonel Weston to be among the Khan’s guests! Her provocative movements catch the Colonel’s eye…and awaken her own desire. Can the dance—and a little hands-on tutelage from a fellow dancer—teach Delilah to lose all her inhibitions with Weston once and for all?

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