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Book CoverHolly’s review of Taming the Texas Tycoon by Katherine Garbera (author’s site very out of date)
Contemporary Romance released by Silhouette Desire 14 Jul 09

I liked this story on a superficial level. If I start examining the motives or actions of the main characters I have major issues. As a fluff story – something quick to pass the time – it was good, but there were a lot of flaws. 

My main gripe is the heroine’s complete lack of identity away from the hero. Also, the fact that the hero was engaged to someone else for the entire length of the novel really turned me off, even though the circumstances were explained well enough.

Although I liked Lance, I didn’t see why Kate loved him. He was sweet enough to her, but he seemed pretty conceited and wrapped up in himself. He didn’t even notice her until she got a complete makeover. That has worked for stories in the past, but I didn’t buy it in the case. Mostly because he considered her a best friend and one of his family. I’d think he’d take more notice of her than as his assistant if that was really the case.

As for Kate, well, I liked her on a superficial level. But like I mentioned above, if I look at her too closely I just get annoyed. It seemed in the beginning that she had a backbone, but as the story progressed I began to wonder. She really seemed like a dishrag once her initial burst of steam dissipated. Not only that, but we knew nothing about her as a person. Her entire identity was wrapped up in her feelings for Lance.

It was obvious that something was going on between Lance’s fiance and his brother. despite my feelings for this one, I’d be interested in reading that story.

holly.jpgGrade: C


For Texas Cattleman’s Club member Lance Brody, marriage is about gaining the right connections. But one plain-Jane personal assistant is about to change his mind…

For years Kate Thornton had dreamed of becoming Mrs. Lance Brody. Then her boss became engaged strictly for business and Kate had had enough. Giving her two weeks’ notice should have released her, but Lance’s eyes had finally been opened. Kate couldn’t be allowed to walk away from the business, or him. And if it meant taking her to bed to keep her…well, that was one job he would gladly do himself!

Read an excerpt here.