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great-western-drive.jpgI admit when Kristie J emailed I pretty much said yes before I finished the email because it was Kristie and she said the code word – WESTERNS.

I envy those of you who were around for the high ‘trend’ of the western. Lucky for me so many of you have recommended such amazing novels I have read, loved, collected, and hoarded to read while I wait for the ‘trend’ to come into vogue again.

Every year it seems, the western is on the verge of a comeback, every (ok most, but that post comes later in the week) publisher wants that NEXT great western to publish. And this year will be our year. Why you ask? Because like the spirit of the west – our hope springs eternal – there is a never ending well of rebirth. No matter what the past sins of publishing, this year, if they only pack up their covered wagons and moved west, it could happen!

Of course there are those publishers who will be forever be in my heart: Harlequin Historical, HQN, Dorchester, Kensington, and Samhain. When I ask (and ask and ask and ask) why we don’t have more historical westerns, the blame more often than not is put right back in our court.

Readers don’t read them.

Readers don’t buy them.
Readers don’t want them.


Now I know Kristie, Wendy and I do – we read them, buy them, and WANT them. And the plan for The Great Western Drive is to spend the week telling you why you should read them, buy them, and WANT them too.

Read A Western: Cowboys Need Love Too.