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Book Cover Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of Ménage On A Train by Alice Gaines
Erotica ebook short story released by Spice Briefs 1 Apr 09

Travel is a popular theme often explored in erotic romance and erotica. Makes me wonder if there’s a travel agency somewhere that specializes in these sorts of getaways: 5 days, 4 nights, and your own personal horny cabana boy! In Alice Gaines’ latest story for Spice Briefs, the heroine finds herself ditching the Mile High Club in favor of a luxury train through eastern Europe.

Cass Weston’s idea of fun isn’t getting off in a cramped airplane bathroom (and seriously, who could blame her?). So she leaves behind her home in California for a train trip through Europe. Better yet? This particular train boasts a ride through a particularly long, dark tunnel, ideal for sexual escapades and trysts. Heck, the train has such a notorious reputation, that those looking for an anonymous hook-up even have a signal.

Cass has found her man, a guy named Tom, and is all set for some fun when his friend, Nigel, shows up. Without a “date” of his own, the two men suggest to Cass that she double her pleasure – and after a split-second of “Did they just ask me what I think they just asked me?” she agrees wholeheartedly.

Enjoyment of this story requires the reader to check reality at the door. If the reader needs that condom moment in the story? Um yeah, just keep on walking. And if you’re looking for a realistic, in-depth analysis of a ménage relationship? Yeah, you’re not going to find it in this short story. This is all about the fantasy, and it fills that role amiably with a couple of sexual encounters that are hot enough to singe off your eyebrows.

Ménage On A Train is ideal for readers looking for a quick, hot, fantasy-fueled read and for those who cannot get enough of the M/M/F dynamic. However, this probably isn’t going to work for readers who need a healthy dollop of reality, and condoms, in their spicy reads.

Wendy TSLGrade: B

Cass Weston hated the idea of joining the mile high club. After all, who wanted to grope in a crowded airplane bathroom when you could have the erotic trip of a lifetime on a luxury train through the Eastern European mountains? Especially when the journey boasted a long, dark tunnel that provided the perfect opportunity for sex with a stranger. Make that strangers. The man Cass set her sights on also had a friend without a partner of his own. Lucky for them that Cass is up for a little adventure….
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