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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Prognosis by T.D. McKinney
Contemporary Inspirational Romance eBook released by Devine Destines 15 Jan 09

This is my second review of a T.D. McKinney book, and I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve read so far.  Though there is always a tragedy of some kind to overcome in her books, her characters do it in a way that is uplifting, full of motivation and encouragement to face anything in life.

The first page and a half of this book is just gripping.  Ethan Gaylord is a police detective; Cathy Harris is a special liaison as the department’s American Sign Language translator.  They’re out on routine followups when gunfire explodes at them, Ethan protecting Cathy with his body.  I wish that scene had been drawn out more, it’s so compelling.

After Ethan survives the gunshots and then surgery, Cathy is by his side.  Knowing she can never repay him for what he did, she can at least keep vigil over him, praying to the Lord for his recovery.   Her faith is strong, and when Ethan’s family decides to remove all life-saving elements, it’s Cathy who talks his sister into lobbying his parents for an experimental test to make sure Ethan truly is brain dead.  When the test proves positive, it’s Cathy who volunteers to help with his care, in addition to her job and against the advice of friends and colleagues.

We do get Ethan’s point of view even when he’s unconscious.  I liked the way he hears every word spoken in his hospital room, but it’s Cathy who stands out for him with her positive attitude and her never-ending conversation to keep him from going crazy trapped as he is.  The ensuing scenes with her in his home as he recovers day by day are just lovely.  Their growing love becomes stronger just as Ethan does.

I really enjoy these little inspirational romances. They aren’t preachy and the characters are portrayed as real human beings.  Ethan fantasizes about Cathy just as a red-blooded man does and Cathy romanticizes in the same way as we women do, and all the while we see how strong faith can be during a tragedy and how it can bring people closer together and also teach others that that faith and prayer can heal and make life so much more enjoyable.

SandyMGrade: B+


Saving Cathy’s life leaves Ethan Gaylord locked inside his own body, unable to communicate or even let the world know he’s conscious. Abandoned by his uncaring family, only Cathy has faith he’s more than an empty shell. Now his only hope of sanity and recovery, the deaf woman may also be the romance he’s been looking for his whole life.

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