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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Gone with the Witch (Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 2) by Annette Blair
Contemporary Paranormal Romance published by Berkley 6 May 08

I so enjoy Annette Blair’s books.  They’re just plain old fun.  They have some of the snappiest banter I’ve ever read.  And they’re as sexy as hell.  For those days you have no idea what you want to read, crack open one of Ms. Blair’s books and you’ll be smiling for days to come afterward.

And even start at the very beginning of Ms. Blair’s witch books.  This is her second trilogy and even though the first three books, her Accidental Witch Trilogy, The Kitchen Witch, My Favorite Witch, and The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe, are not that closely related to this second set, there are some overlapping characters, but you just don’t want to miss all the fun to start with.  When I finish one of these witch books, I always think there’s no way the author can top that in her next one.  And she always proves me wrong.  I actually like Gone with the Witch the best of the bunch so far.  The sexual playing and tension starts right off the bat between Aiden and Storm, along with a great mystery brought on by the fact that Storm hears a baby crying whenever she’s near Aiden.

He refuses to believe this baby has anything to do with him, especially because he’s a wanderer, crisscrosses the country in his motor coach when he’s contracted for jobs as an antiques restorer.  Storm, on the other hand, is sure to her bones that this child she hears is definitely his, and knowing that she won’t get any cooperation from Aiden, she devises a plan to abduct him in his own home on wheels so they can gallivant around the country to solve this mystery.  Of course, it’s the quick and snappy repartee between them and the unexpected trouble they find along the way that makes for the aforementioned fun in this book.

Aiden and Storm are both such likable characters, and with all that sexual playin’ around in the beginning, I wanted them to get on with the deed and quit teasing me.  But what fun would that be? It comes soon enough and it’s worth waiting the extra chapters for.  They each have their own reasons for being independent loners, wanting and looking for love but afraid to really find it.  But when everything is finally out in the open, when their lives take a decidedly huge left turn when they make discoveries they could never imagine, they find love, much more than they ever dreamed of.  Ms. Blair even had me in tears a few times near the end of the story at the results and reactions of these discoveries.

Don’t wait for a rainy day to read Annette Blair’s books.  Don’t even wait for those times when you need a distraction from life.  Take that distraction now and enjoy yourself like you haven’t in a very long time.  Give yourself over to the romance and the love you’ll find in the pages of her books.  You’ll be hooked in no time at all.

SandyMGrade:  A+

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In his presence she hears a baby crying. Abducting him is the only way to follow the sound and find the child. Her scheme includes his luxury motor coach, seduction…and four pairs of fuzzy purple handcuffs.

The unexpected triplet, and a rebel because of it, Storm Cartwright is a Goth with attitude, who has a powerful psychic gift. She can sense the present. Every time she’s near Aiden McCloud, she hears the sound of a baby crying, sure the baby is his and in need, that only Aiden can lead her to the child.

He’s dazzled by Storm, yet the sassy, sexy triplet won’t stop talking about a crying baby and a trip to find the child. He refuses to go with her and tries to leave in his RV without her.

To follow the sound and find the child, which she can only do with Aiden beside her, Storm uses a seductive trap and drives the luxury motor coach, herself, because Aiden is shackled to his bed by four pairs of fuzzy purple handcuffs.

While Storm follows the sound of the crying baby, something magical happens between her and Aiden. Will she be able to keep the magic alive once she finds what she’s looking for? If she finds it… Whatever happens, this journey will change them forever.

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