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Book CoverGwen’s review of Murder Game (GhostWalkers, Book 7) by Christine Feehan
Contemporary paranormal romantic suspense released by Jove 30 Dec 08

You know how sometimes you’ll read something by a long-time favorite author and you’re not expecting much because, well, frankly, some of the recent work has been, how shall I say it, stale?  But then the author just floors you with a particularly good book?  Well, this is the particularly good one from Feehan.  I haven’t been impressed with her latest few Carpathian novels.  These “Game” books haven’t been bad lately, but this one is just downright terrific. 

The “Game” or GhostWalker novels are all set in present day and are based on a group of men and women who are genetically manipulated by a sociopathic doctor in an effort to create and then propagate super soldiers.  He has manipulated these people behind the scenes to the point that they meet each other and then the genetic pheromonal changes take over and they’re mated.

This may seem like a complex world due to all the “science stuff” but it really isn’t.  I believe a person could pick up any of the “Game” books and be at ease with the plot.  Feehan doesn’t do tons of info-dumping, but instead weaves the data in when and as the reader needs it.  No glossary in sight.  It can’t hurt to go to the author’s site and get some familiarity with the world, but I think perhaps it’s not a requirement to enjoy the books.

The heroes in all of the GhostWalker books are beyond alpha – if there were a Greek character before alpha, I’d pick it to describe them.  Because of the chemical and pheromonal manipulation, they form an almost immediate and overwhelming attachment to these women.  Because of the same manipulation, some of the women are so damaged they can’t cope and this creates quite a bit of tension at the beginning of the books.  It’s always a little different, though.  While these books all follow a similar path, there are very real differences in how the characters handle the action and suspense devices in the plot.  It’s a lot of fun to read how they get into and out of these situations.

And the sensuality. Oh my goodness.  I actually had to glance at the cover a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t reading a Lora Leigh Breeds novel.  Feehan has written some of the hottest scenes I’ve seen from her in many books.

The bad guys are suitably evil and are suitably dealt with.  I still want them to find Dr. Whitney and string him up by his testicles, though.  Sadly, that’s not to happen in this book.  However, we get a few more clues pointing at the fact that there may be a third party at work trying to off the whole GhostWalkers cadre.  Very tantalizing tidbits, too…

I don’t think this entry was as emotionally satisfying as her last Game novel, Predatory Game (reviewed here), but it’s pretty durn close. The pacing and plot organization in this book was better, I think, than Predatory – the action was just non-stop and followed a very logical progression.  Something I’m finding must be difficult for authors to do (I imagine a lot gets whacked during the editing process).

If you’re a fan of Feehan’s writing or just a darn good paranormal suspense romance, this is definitely the book for you.

faye.jpgGrade: A

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Return to the world of the GhostWalkers with “the queen of paranormal romance” (USA Today) as she raises the stakes in the ultimate game of love and death…

Games should be fun, but for two expert teams across the country, they’re murder – because the winning team is the one that gets the most kills. The participants in this violent challenge rumored to be GhostWalkers. And Kadan Montague isn’t happy about it.

Kadan is a GhostWalker and he’s determined to clear the GhostWalker name of the rumors. To do it, he’s going to need the help of psychic Tansy Meadows. But as soon as he sees her, he knows his mission will be more complicated than he imagined – and the “murder game” may not be at all what it seems.

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