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Superromance SpotlightWhen I was asked to contribute to The Good, The Bad, and The Unread this week, my topic was: Why do I love Superromance?

Ellen HartmanEasy Answer: The men.

Is that shallow? I know it’s shallow. Sorry. I can’t help myself. Have you read a Super? Then you know what I’m talking about.

All romances have heroes, but the men of SuperRomance really hit it for me. I think it’s the reality plus romance. These guys are out there living real lives, doing their best to be dads, businessmen, ranchers, firefighters, etc., and then love walks in and smacks them around and they…fall right for it.

If loving these guys is shallow, I don’t want to be deep.

(I hope my mom doesn’t read this. Or my teachers who instructed me in high-minded literary topics. Because honestly, although I can appreciate a well-developed plot and sterling sentence structure, (Note: That’s alliteration. See, I’m literary…) when I read a romance, it’s all about the men. Oops…all about the man. I better take them one at a time because there’s shallow and then there’s badly behaved. Okay, now I’m really sidetracked. Let me back up.)

His Secret PastHi. I’m Ellen Hartman and I write funny, heartfelt SuperRomances about men people and their hunt for their heart’s desire. I’m neither shallow nor badly behaved. (Usually.) My characters on the other hand…let’s just say the hero of my current release, His Secret Past started his career playing guitar for a shore band from Jersey.

In case the men aren’t enough to convince you (but seriously, they should be), here are my top five other reasons to love Superromance.

5. Kathleen O’Brien. I read her book, The Homecoming Baby, and I knew I’d found the place I wanted to be published. Kathleen’s books are typical Supers. They’re well written, rich, and extremely satisfying. Oh, and her heroes are really hot. Kathleen was my first but after her I never looked back. Super authors are good at their work and I’m grateful Kathleen brought me into this world.Homecoming Baby

4. The Supers board on eHarlequin. I lurked there until the month that my first Super came out. Now the Supers board is truly my home on the web. What do we discuss? Everything of importance, including:

  • Books: Reading and writing them.
  • Husbands: We love them, but we think they may be crazy or that they might make us crazy. Who cares, we love them!
  • Tiaras: Why every woman deserves sparkling headgear.
  • Dean Winchester: Ellen’s All-Time Favorite TV Character. (Okay, so it’s possible I’m the only who actually discusses Dean on a regular basis. We do cover other hot men, though, including Colin Firth, that guy from Lost, and unanimous board-favorite John Cusack.)
  • Help: We assist with plot, prayers, virtual hugs, vacation plans, and are always ready to listen if you need to vent. Plus, there’s a whole group of people who actually like Mondays so if you’re on of those weirdos you should definitely drop by.

3. The Super editors. They’re smart, supportive, and a lot of fun. Heh. Welcome to the sucking up portion of my Top 5. But come on, who wouldn’t love the folks who made her writing dreams come true? For me, SuperRomance is like Craig Hitnr, the guy who gave me a plastic ring complete with purple plastic gemstone in first grade. I’ll never forget Craig or SuperRomance. TLA 4 EVA!

Diner2. Variety. I read SuperRomances for the same reasons anyone reads a particular line. I like to know what I’m getting. But SuperRomances have a lot of variation within the line. In the past year I’ve read Supers about a bunch of poker playing guys, a veterinarian and the cowboy she loves (and his eight children), a risk-taking journalist and her risk-adverse lover, and a love triangle that thankfully resolved into two pairs! For me, SuperRomance is like a diner where the food is homemade and I like everything on the menu. I could eat there every night without running out of choices!

1. Deep, rich stories. As a reader, my number one interest is always going to be the story. People ask me if the “super” in SuperRomance means more pages. (They also ask if it means more sex—some people have no boundaries…sigh.) Supers are one of the longer Harlequin lines, but for me, the super part is the depth of the story. Almost any Super is going to give you a romance plus a hometown, plus extended family or friends, plus a satisfying subplot. Supers are like the boxed sets of romance series romance. They have everything you need and Bonus Features too!

Each month SuperRomance puts out six terrific, complex books. I encourage you to pick one up. I think you just might find yourself falling in love!

Wendy the Super Librarian: Thanks for stopping by Ellen! Readers, you can visit Ellen at her web site and her blog.

His Secret Past Wanted Man Contest Alert! Ellen has graciously donated books for us to giveaway to TGTBTU readers during our May HSR Spotlight! I will randomly draw the winner from the comments on this post at the end of May. The lucky winner will receive copies of both of Ellen’s HSR releases, Wanted Man and His Secret Past. Good luck!