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The Passion Quartet: Patience (Book 2) (Berkley Sensation)I have been reminded that not EVERYONE hangs on my every ssqqquuueee and some may have no fucking clue what the hell I was talking about with my post the other day.

To which my response was and this is different from any other day/subject/post how?
Bad Blogger
I am still waiting for an answer.

It did remind me I have been a very bad bad blogger and must say I am deeply sorry for falling down on the job and not updating this nifty lil time line I had going. So for those of you playing the home game…

Update as of 2/05/09

January, 2009
NEWS from the Lisa Valdez
Honestly I had no clue she had posted cuz if I had I would have already said something. Oh but since she has, I can now… so I guess I will. brb

January 7, 2009
The Mysterious Lisa Valdez and Having Patience
This thread isn’t really news I don’t think, haven’t read through it. I think katiebabs speaks up and states the obvious but other than that nothing new. But it amuses the hell out of me to see the same ol and the could u b satan shit.. along with omg she is nice! Cuz you know she is nice, VERY nice and the next time your boss calls you into his office and you are 10000 late on your project – tell him but SIR I am so nice! – and come back here and tell us how far that gets you. PLEASE I am dying to know. Yes I know, I iz satan.

April 30, 2008
No news is the same news

February 19, 2008
Lisa Valdez Speaks…sort of

February 18, 2008
Could Part of Lisa Valdez’s Hold Up Be her Choice of CPs?? aka sybil was being a smartass but really really really… NOTHING I have said in the past week is anything I haven’t said to Lisa Valdez herself or her editor. Ok well I didn’t ask if her CPs were stoopid because honestly don’t think that is the hold up.

Last updated:
September 23, 2007
I have to admit I have always liked Lisa Valdez. She amuses me as a person and entertains me as an author (so far). But I am the first to admit to being out of patience more than once with Patience. So I completely get that some are beyond the wait.

But I find it so amazingly cool that so many people are still looking for information on her, the book and for a new release date. And I feel a touch guilty because I have no new info up for the people stopping by to look for Lisa Valdez info.

About a week or two ago I connected her editor to see if a date had been set yet that I could post.

Sadly the answer is still no, not yet. The good news is Penguin is committed to publishing Patience and the book is currently on target with its deadlines. Yeah I know, not much huh :). I was hoping for a bit more info before I posted but hey something is better than nothing right?

Even though no date was given and it is more than likely we won’t see this until 2008, it is great to hear we are closer and that the project isn’t dead. Or maybe the best part is the editor is still so jazzed about the book. Hopefully there will be more news soon ::crosses fingers::

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cream, sugar or milk…

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Just a Little Patience (guest post: Lisa Valdez)

Running out of patience

first posted 2/25/06
Lisa Valdez has a new website! Way cool since her last one was not set up well, uh sez I. There is also her new book cover for Patience and at the same link a new excerpt!

Now I am one to try and not read excerpts… but having read the one at the back of Passion (loved this book) and not liking it. I was way curious to see how this one played.

I have changed my mind, I want this book!