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Quack and ye shall receive.

Meljean Brook has agreed to give TGTBTU an exclusive excerpt from Demon Night, available February 5.


Word around blogland is that it is as awesome as Demon Angel and Demon Moon. Brace yourself fangirls, we have the first FOUR chapters!!!! It’s okay, only two weeks until you can get your hands on the rest.

If you haven’t yet been introduced to the world of The Guardians, you can start here. And you can check out her updated “Primer” that will help you get up to speed on her amazing world and awesome characters.

Enjoy the excerpt (that means click here 🙂 )!

And when you are done, go check out Book Binge where Holly (our often guest reviewer) has a review up of Demon Night.

Lawson’s review is now up for Demon Night!