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:Book CoverVeena’s review of Shot On Gold (Play By Play, Book 14) by Jaci Burton
Contemporary Romance published by Berkley 13 Feb 18

This book’s release is well timed with it being right in the middle of the Winter Olympics.  I read this book as I watched the ice skating and the ski events and imagined the lives of the athletes outside the bright lights of competition as they came together to live, love, and celebrate as written by Ms. Burton within the pages of this book with her fictional characters.

This is Amber’s third time at the Olympics and her last shot at the Gold. She has worked hard all her life, making umpteen sacrifices to get to this point.  Will her budding romance with American hockey player Will and her emerging friendships with various athletes change her focus away from the Gold Medal?Amber has lived a very restricted life. All her efforts and energy has been dedicated toward being the best at her sport. Yet, despite two previous tries, the ever elusive Olympic Gold has eluded her. This is her third and final chance. She’s ready to rebel, experience life a little, and, if the right person comes along, she might even give up her V-card.  Amber is definitely up for the challenge as she sails through practice and team competitions and nights out with Will.

Hmmmm…so the Olympic village housing is well supplied with condoms! I guess all that energy and adrenaline needs an outlet.  As we witness, both friendships and scratch-the-itch type encounters between the various competitors, as well as the strong camaraderie, enables them to rejoice in each other’s successes and commiserate where needed. Each athlete has dedicated the last four years of their lives toward winning, and it’s fun to read about lucky underwear and other superstitions they deploy on the day of the competition to assure success.

Does the intensity of the three weeks of the Olympic Games create a cocoon that dissolves when it comes into contact with the real world? Does Will’s and Amber’s story have a shelf life that expires with the end of the games? This is a great contemporary romance with the added glamor of the Olympic Games and glimpses into some of the popular competitions.  I certainly encourage readers to pick up the book soon.

Grade: B


In the new Play-by-Play novel by the New York Times bestselling author of The Final Score, opposites attract when a figure skater and hockey player lace up their skates–and go for the gold…

Will “Mad Dog” Madigan is making his second trip to the Winter Games, and he couldn’t be happier. Hockey is his life and playing for the U.S. team is a privilege. Then he meets U.S. figure skater Amber Sloane. She’s beautiful, ambitious and driven–everything Will desires in a woman. He would love to show Amber how hot life off the ice can be.

Amber has skated her entire life, sacrificing everything in the hopes of one day winning gold. Now she’s competing for the third and final time. She intends to win, and nothing’s going to get in her way–until she meets Will. He’s an irresistible charmer, and before long Amber is wondering if this sexy hockey player is the perfect guy to show her some moves outside the rink.

But after all the medals have been awarded, Will and Amber will have to decide if what they have together is just a fling or a real shot at true love.

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