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Book CoverVeena’s review of The Negotiator (Games People Play, Book 3) by HelenKay Dimon
Romantic Suspense published by Avon Impulse 14 Nov 17

I am a fan of HelenKay Dimon, but this is not a book that showcases the best that she has to offer. I felt it was hurried and short on the elements that make a story a winner for me.

When Gareth McGrath met Lauren Gallagher, he felt more than platonic friendship as evidenced with his many trips to the little town where she lives, long after his involvement in his friend’s troubles are over.  Just when it seems that widowed Lauren is ready for a  possible relationship with Gareth, her husband’s body turns up on her living room floor.

Things heat up as Lauren and Gareth work to unravel the mystery of a three-year dead person showing up healthy, until he caught the wrong end of a knife inside Lauren’s locked home.  The truths are unexpected and in some cases will blow you away, particularly when the murderer is revealed.

The story starts slow, though it definitely heats up and delivers a fantastic suspenseful end.  To me it felt hurried without  the author’s usual attention to a great story.

Grade: C


Lauren Gallagher’s life changed almost three years ago. After her husband disappeared at sea, she was left with a failing pleasure boat company and more than a few secrets. Now, after years spent rebuilding the business and paying off the pile of debts, she finally feels in control. But when she finds her husband, actually dead, on the floor, she becomes the leading suspect in his murder investigation.

Garrett McGrath wants Lauren in his bed, not his heart. He doesn’t do emotions, but every time he sees her, holding himself back gets harder and harder. When Lauren comes under suspicion for killing her previously presumed-dead husband, he knows he has to help her, any way he can.

But as the danger becomes more intense and Garret and Lauren grow closer than either planned, they’re in danger of losing everything…including their hearts.

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