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Book CoverVeena’s review of The Italian’s Christmas Secret (One Night With Consequences, Book 35) by Sharon Kendrick
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Presents 01 Nov 18

In a time of crisis when books are not the escape they used to be, thank god for the consistency of Harlequin Presents.

Two strangers, one poor and struggling and the other a tall dark and handsome Italian millionaire.  On a snowy night, the two are stranded at a country inn with one double bed, the outcome is inevitable.  A bit weak on the character development but works for a couple of hours of escape.

It’s the night before Christmas and through a series of unfortunate coincidences and the weather, Kiera and her billionaire client are stranded. Their only alternative is a shared room in a nearby bed and breakfast. Matteo is quite a prig, even if he is tall, dark, and oh-so-handsome, treating Kiera like an air-headed bimbo.  It makes the immediate between-the-sheets action a bit of a stretch but definitely needed in order for the story to continue.

His priggishness continues as he abandons Kiera, albeit with a huge wad of money. As if money can compensate for respect. A teary eyed Kiera collects the money and donates it, only to fall prey to a journalistic shark who bares Kiera’s story in lurid flourishes in her newspaper. Now a struggling mother trying to make ends meet, Kiera finally gives in and calls Matteo.

Of course, the rich millionaire sweeps down in his expensive car to collect his son and heir.  Fortunately he has the sense to marry Kiera and bring her along, but then he has a plan to fulfill on that front, as Kiera will find out soon enough.  While the story follows a very typical Harlequin storyline, I feel an author of Ms. Kendrick’s caliber could have done more to develop the characters and make the story stronger.

Grade: C


One night, one bed…one baby!

When chauffeur Keira Ryan accidentally drives her car into a snowdrift, she and her devastatingly attractive passenger must find a hotel…only to discover they’ll be sharing a bed! Luckily, billionaire Matteo Valenti takes it upon himself to show virgin Keira just how to make the most of a bad situation—with the most sizzling experience of her life.

It’s nearly Christmas again before Matteo uncovers Keira’s secret. He may have resisted commitment his whole life, but now it’s time to claim his son and heir…

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