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Book CoverC2’s review of Ever My Love (MacLeod Family, Book 14) by Lynn Kurland
Paranormal Romance published by Berkley 4 Apr 17

Greetings, Faithful Reader! Are you ready for a trip to Scotland? Who wants to visit an enchanted forest with a mind of its own?? Yeah, we do! Let’s go!

Emmaline Baxter has come to Scotland to get away from problems at home in Seattle. She needs a new start, a new direction in life – and where better to find inspiration than Scotland? Emma is coming off a bad breakup with the unfortunately named Sheldon. He did not take the breakup well and has continued to pester her, so a change of venue was in order.

After arriving in the quirky village of Benmore, Emma begins to hear rumbles about strange occurrences in the local forest – and strange stories about the laird up the hill and his nearby family. Stories Emma knows are too far-fetched to be true. Local lairds from medieval times? Ridiculous! Haunted forests?? Poppycock! A local hermit who’s actually an unmarried, very attractive, much-sought-after millionaire? Suuuuuuuure, he is.

As it turns out, maybe the local pub gossip isn’t entirely wrong, after all. Nathaniel MacLeod moved to the Benmore area about five years ago. He wanted to get some distance and do some thinking after the deaths of his parents. Little did Nathaniel know what the local forests had in store for him. But, really, who expects to be out walking and suddenly end up in a medieval battle. Just for example. Still, Nathaniel has made the best of his situation, through a bit of trial and error. And if it keeps him from letting anyone get too close to him, well…that’s just how things are. Until Emma moves into a nearby cottage and walks out her door and into a battle. Nathaniel saves her and pushes her back through the “gate,” but there’s no time for introductions or conversation, obviously. And Emma is left wondering whether exhaustion and stress has finally caught up with her. Until she catches a glimpse of her rescuer in the village wearing modern clothes.

Neither is interested in a relationship and both try to avoid the pull between them. But fate seems to have other plans for Emma and Nathaniel and, no matter what they try, both are pulled back into the web. But what are they supposed to do? If there is something that needs fixing, how do they figure it out? Without ending up dead – or worse? And what about the lairds up the hill, whom Nathaniel has so carefully avoided during his time in Benmore? Can they help? Will they? Or would that just make things worse?

Reader, if you’ve been with me a while, you know that I love Lynn Kurland’s books – they are comfort reads for me. Sometimes the heroines are a little wimpy, but the heroes are always fun – and who doesn’t love Scotland? So, I did enjoy this book. Emma has more gumption than some previous heroines and Nathaniel is very much a MacLeod. The plot might have been a little thin, sure, but we got to visit with some old friends and updates on a few more. For a comfort read, that’s all I need.

Does this book stand alone? Jeez, I don’t know…I guess? You know my feelings on reading series…start at the beginning! But, with a long series like this, I will make an exception – at the bottom of this review will be links to the most closely connected books that I think would enhance your enjoyment of this story (especially A Dance Through Time – the beginning of the series).

Should you read this book? If you like romantic stories with humor and sword fights and ghosts and magic, YES. If your brain won’t quite wrap around time travel, no. Although, try the first book – it establishes the world and explains things. Plus, Jamie is awesome! (No, not that Jamie – although he is also awesome. LOL)

CSquareds C2 IconGrade: C+


In search of a fresh start, Emma Baxter has traveled to Scotland to try to forget her rocky love life. Luckily, the gorgeous Highlander who owns the house up the path from her rental cottage might be exactly the kind of distraction she needs. But there’s more to his intriguing qualities than she can explain—although she certainly isn’t buying into the local legends of Highland magic.

Nathaniel MacLeod is a man adrift, all thanks to the unwanted gift that forces him to continually jump between centuries. He never knows if he’ll wind up in the present day or the fourteenth century, but when Emma follows him back through time, he suddenly has more to worry about than keeping his separate lives straight…

Someone has started to notice Nathaniel’s travels and now, no time period is safe, for him or for Emma.

No excerpt available – the author’s website hasn’t been updated since October. Whyyyyyyyyy???

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