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Book CoverTabs’ review of Once A Moretti Wife by Michelle Smart
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Presents 01 Apr 17

Michelle Smart’s latest Harlequin Presents features a marriage in trouble, two flawed main characters, a bout of amnesia, and a secret revenge plot. Anna and Stefano Moretti married in haste, didn’t communicate with each other when they should have, let their personal anxieties and fears gnaw at them, and thoroughly mucked up their marriage beyond repair.

When Anna suffers a concussion and finds herself with retrograde amnesia, it forces the Morettis back together and gives them a chance to reconnect. Of course, this reconnection is doomed to failure from the start, because one of them does not have amnesia and he’s still massively pissed off. Dude decides he’s going to take advantage of Anna’s condition, make her fall in love with him again, and then publicly humiliate her like she did him. What could go wrong?!?

Smart does a really good job here of showing both how Stephano and Anna are seriously compatible and how they so easily blew everything to pieces. They both of have explosive tempers but stand up to each other and give back what the other one is throwing. They also both have considerable baggage. Stephano has a bad history with gold diggers, so he gets his hackles up when signs indicate someone is after his wealth. Anna has a bad history with abandonment, so she has major issues with fidelity and trust.

This book starts out a little rocky with the whole amnesia plot, but it quickly finds its bearings. I find it satisfying to see people work their shit out and I’m also pretty fond of stories where two dominating personalities are paired together, so I liked the story overall. This is a solid Michelle Smart.

Grade: B+


The only desire billionaire Stefano Moretti has for his estranged wife, Anna, is revenge—she humiliatingly left him weeks ago. So when Anna returns to his life, with no memory of their tempestuous marriage, he’s certain fate has dealt him a winning hand.

Stefano’s plan is twofold: a private seduction that will reawaken Anna to their red-hot attraction, followed by a public humiliation to match the one she landed on him. Until Stefano realizes there’s something he wants even more than vengeance—Anna, back in his bed, for good!

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