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Book CoverKristie J’s review of Wilder (Renegades, Book 1) by Rebecca Yarros
Contemporary Romance published by Entangled 19 Sep 16

I read a few books in a previous series by this author with mixed results, but I had no hesitation to start this series.  While I can’t really relate to it at all that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.  The premise is the story takes place on a college campus cruise ship.  It’s still a full college course, just nicer.  Nice digs if you can get them.  The cruise ship seems to travel over a great deal of territory.  At the same time, there is a small group of students who are also doing an Xtreme sport documentary/reality show.  They are gold medalists and this is kind of a training warm-up college trip.

The leader of the group is Paxton Wilder.  Not only is he famous and a five-time medalist, his personal life is just as wild.  He’s gorgeous and has no problem getting any woman he wants.  In order to make sure he keeps up his grades while he is doing his extreme sporting, he hires a tutor, Leah Baxter.  She gets the course paid for as well as the trip itself.  As soon as Wilder spots her, she is definitely on his radar. While she isn’t immune to his charm, she does put study and tutoring first.  Plus, she had a tragedy happen in her past and she’s not sure she is ready yet for any kind of relationship.

See, being more a senior citizen myself and one who hasn’t gone on a cruise, watches sports but doesn’t really participate, this book is the opposite of what/who I am.  But then, isn’t that what good books do, take you to foreign places where you experience new adventures?

Both Wilder and Leah are good characters.  Wilder has a much deeper and convoluted plan for hiring Leah as his tutor, one that doesn’t include falling for her.  But that’s what he does – hook, line and, sinker.  I love a story when the hero is totally gone for the heroine and she makes him work to win her love.  She lets him in finally, but when the truth comes out on the real reason he hired her, well, she is furious and feels betrayed.

This is a Rebecca Yarros that had good results for me and I’ve already purchased and read the next in the series, Nova.

fairy_in_a_field3_400x400Grade: B


I’m Paxton Wilder.
Motocross phenom & adrenaline junkie.
I have more tattoos than scars.
And I’ve never seen a stunt I couldn’t pull off–
Or a girl I can’t get off.
Until she walks in.

My new tutor is sexy, smart, more stubborn than I am, and one hundred percent off limits.
That’s right–the only rule this semester is Don’t Touch the Tutor.
For the first time in my life, I want someone I can’t have.
She’s the girl who obeys every rule.
I’m the guy who breaks them.
Our biggest risk is falling for each other,
but I live for risk…

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