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Book CoverShannon C’s review of Kneel, Mr. President by Lauren Gallagher
Contemporary Erotic Romance published by Samhain on 09 Jun 15

In these divisive times, with election season gearing up here in the United States for approximately the next 438 years, there’s very little that we can all agree on, except for romance novels and how awesome they are. So what better excuse than this interminable season of politicking to turn our attention to a book where the President needs a little TLC in the form of his wife and his head of security? Yes, I see that skeptical look on your face as you doubt how a book with that premise can possibly be good, because I had that look on my face until Shira Glassman set me straight. Never fear, though. This is a charming, sexy, and emotionally satisfying love story that hasn’t gotten nearly the amount of hype it deserves.

Carlene Broderick is worried about her husband. The stress of his job is killing him, and at night she finds him calling out the name of Kent, his best friend and head bodyguard. She doesn’t know what to do, and, since James is the President of the United States, she’s got to do something. So she enlists Kent’s help, despite the fact that she and Kent don’t get along, and tells him to do whatever it takes, including seducing James, to relax him and help him manage his stress. When Kent figures out that what James is craving is submission, Carlene realizes being a domme is a role she likes to play, although she’s nervous about it and needs Kent’s help and supervision to make sure she’s doing everything correctly. One thing leads to another, and soon the three of them find themselves in a tangled, messy relationship that they’re not sure they want to end.

I love this book. The premise is, admittedly, ridiculous, but Ms. Gallagher pulls it off well. I can’t imagine the stress of being the President, but I was convinced that letting someone else take the reins is exactly what James needs. Too often, submissive men are either written as weak doormats or, worse yet, alphas who are into submission under duress or as a means to get laid. (Or maybe I’m just reading the wrong books with male subs in them.) James is neither. He is shown to be a competent president, perfectly capable of leading the free world, whose sexual proclivities end outside the bedroom. Carlene is new to BDSM, and I like that she needs reassurance instead of being the bestest domme ever right out of the gate. And Kent is more familiar with the lifestyle, but he’s got his own baggage, especially the fact that he’s been pining away for James for years.

The other great thing about this romance is that all three of the leads are in their forties. They’re all still smoking hot, too. Mmm, silver foxes. It’s not made much of, but there are some nice moments where it’s acknowledged that creative and acrobatic sexual positions aren’t exactly friendly to one’s back or knees.

Is this a true story about how life would actually be with a sitting president into BDSM? I doubt it. There are lots more opportunities for the triad to spend alone together than I think would be reasonable, and they manage to be so discreet that no one catches on to what they’re doing, but I don’t care. I was too busy rooting for these three to find their way to an HEA, and when they did, I closed the book with a happy sigh.

Oh, and my favorite part of the book? The three choose “republican” as their safeword.

Shannon's iconGrade: B+


Sworn to have their lover’s back, front, or any other side that needs covering.

Secret Service agent Kent Sinclair, head of POTUS security, thought himself prepared for every contingency. Until the First Lady—a woman who barely tolerates
his presence—approaches him with a request that startles the hell out of him.

Carlene Broderick is frightened. With the weight of the country and impending war on his shoulders, her husband, James, is buckling under the strain. The
key to helping him cope is the name he calls out in his sleep—and it’s not hers. It belongs to his fellow ex-SEAL team buddy. His ex-lover. Kent.

Without hesitation, Kent plunges into treacherous emotional territory, only to realize it’s not really him that James needs. The Commander in Chief needs
to give up complete control in the bedroom.

To relieve that much pressure, Kent and Carlene must work together and declare a truce that rapidly heats up into something more. Something that leaves
James caught deep in forbidden territory—torn between his beloved wife and the man he’s never stopped loving.

Warning: Contains three forty-somethings discovering whole new sides of themselves, a rejuvenated marriage, and plenty of kinky fun. All brought to you
by an ex-SEAL in a wetsuit, a bisexual President, and a First Lady with a tattoo on her ass.

No excerpt available.