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Veena’s review of Yours For Christmas (Fool’s Gold, Book 15.5) by Susan Mallery
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin HQN 28 Oct 14

From the moment Chloe Voss walked into his office and asked Kenny Scott for helping in tying knots, he was lost. But even more so I was lost. I couldn’t wait for his romance with Bailey Voss to become official. Well, it’s finally here and it’s everything that a reader could wish for, just in time to spend another holiday season at Fool’s Gold with its thanksgiving parade and its nativity featuring elephants and goats and, above all, featuring the warmth and love of friends and family.


As the story opens with Kenny’s summons to Mayor Marsh’s office, I suffered just as much anxiety as Kenny did, wondering what the mayor was going to ask of him. Fortunately all she needed was his help in teaming with her assistant Bailey to support the annual toy drive for the town.

We all know Kenny has baggage that has prevented him from pursuing his attraction for Bailey and, most importantly, Chloe.  The back story is as sad as I anticipated, but it’s a good thing that he’s finally able to release the poison from that hurt and deal with it.  Unfortunately his past definitely serves as an impediment in pursuing his relationship with Bailey and Chloe to its logical conclusion. Fortunately Kenny comes to his senses a lot faster than his partners ever did, since we don’t need the show of support from the ladies of Fool’s Gold as they come to hold the damsel’s in distress hand and consume margaritas.  Interestingly enough, Bailey has her own share of angst that she finally deals with as she comes to terms with the terrifying possibility of a relationship that she’s only dreamed about.

This story is a cute little stocking stuffer offering us a glimpse of an idyllic holiday season. Unfortunately there is a serpent even up in Fool’s Gold, as all the toys from the toy drive are stolen and the town rallies to ensure that the underprivileged children for whom the toys are intended are not deprived.

Chloe embodies the spirit of a child at the holidays as she enjoys all the best that the season has to offer and learns from the lessons of the worst that can happen.

Grade: B


Famous former NFL stars don’t date single working moms like Bailey Voss. She’ll allow herself to daydream about Kenny Scott’s muscles and killer smile, but wanting more would lead to post-holiday regret. Then Kenny volunteers to run a toy drive with Bailey, and she learns that he’s not just hot…he’s also generous, funny, nice. The whole package—tantalizingly out of reach.

The ache of past loss reminds Kenny why he needs to avoid getting too close to anyone. Especially to a gorgeous redhead and her adorable little girl. Mess it up, and he’d lose them both. Yet Kenny can only resist Bailey for so long. And as festive spirit spreads throughout the town, he’s all wrapped up in Bailey’s sweet, sexy kisses and determined to make this the first of many Christmases together…

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