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Veena’s review of Drawn Together (Brown Family, Book 6) by Lauren Dane
Contemporary Erotic Romance published by Berkley 24 Sep 13

I was very hesitant to read this book, because I just couldn’t see myself spending time with a character that I disliked when I first met her, and, despite the author’s valiant attempts in subsequent books to paint a better picture of her, I just couldn’t find myself warming up to. What a mistake it would have been to miss what I consider one of the best books that I’ve read this year. Jonah and Raven just sucked me into their story and made me a raving fan. Ms. Dane, you have hit this one right out of the ballpark.

Raven Smith has faced monsters and seen the seamy side of a life that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies. I applaud the fact that she survived and if she occasionally shows a prickly, possessive or even slightly obnoxious side in previous encounters, I can forgive and forget now that I know her so much better.  The Browns, with their growing family and connections, are her life support. Content with the life she’s carved out for herself, she doesn’t even realize what she’s missing until she meets Jonah Warner and he burrows right underneath her hard shell and conquers her heart.

Jonah has seen his own share of bad personal relationships. He’s rich, successful, has a great family, a wonderful daughter. Raven completes him in a way he never thought possible. Determined to get through the road blocks she puts in his way, he slowly but surely worms his way into her heart and soul, creating a permanent space for himself.

He is such a wonderful man. A sensitive alpha? Is that even possible? I love how he stands up for Raven against his brother and his mother when they don’t see the goodness in her that he does. I actually broke down and cried when the details of Raven’s past are revealed. This is a very powerful story with two strong protagonists who are just so perfect for each other. She even charms and wins over her mother-in-law from hell in a wonderful cameo evening in the story.

This book marks the conclusion of the Brown Family stories, but since the author does a cross over into Bainbridge Island with the Delicious series, I hope we continue to have glimpses into their lives as they visit with friends and family over on Bainbridge Island, especially Raven and Jonah.

Grade: A


Beauty is more than skin-deep…

Tattoo artist Raven Smith is blunt and hard, broken and jaded, dark and beautiful. While she doesn’t hide her painful past, she does keep a wall around her heart. She’s free sexually—but no one gets to the real Raven beneath the prickly exterior.

With a voice like smoke, Jonah Warner is a smooth-talking, highly successful attorney, with a body that should never be hidden by a suit. He’s the kind of man who never takes no for an answer and always gets what he wants. And what he wants is Raven. She’s a survivor, and he finds that incredibly alluring.

Jonah gets under her skin in a way Raven has never experienced. He makes her break all her rules—including her no-monogamy rule.

But when a figure from Raven’s past shows up at the tattoo parlor and drops a bomb into her life, their relationship will face the ultimate challenge…

Read an excerpt.

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