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duckie looks backDinca’s review of First Comes Love by Elizabeth Bevarly
Contemporary Romance published by Silhouette Desire 1 Oct 00

This book is full of faux pas and misunderstandings. The whole town needs to work on their communication skills. It is silly at times with funny thoughts, and I enjoyed the story. If you are looking for a light read this will fit the bill. It is an older book by Ms Bevarly, which I didn’t realize that when I started reading it. I assume they are making her older books available in ebook form, which is what I have.

Book Cover

It doesn’t really matter how much Tess  Monahan denies being pregnant. The whole town thinks so, therefore she is.  The grapevine says it all. Everyone is speculating on who the father could be, so after a couple of months of denying being pregnant, she gives up and creates a father for the nonexistent baby. I love the line about the ladies’ crafting club knitting baby handcuffs. When the love of her life starts hanging around to give the expectant mother a helping hand, their feelings for each other start to surface.

Will Darrow has been best friends with Tess’s older brothers since she was seven years old. At 26 he is still ruffling her hair. He truly believes that if he tries anything with her, her brothers will kill him.  When the whole town starts talking about her being pregnant, he doesn’t want to believe it, but the evidence is all stacked against her. The least he can do is paint a room to get ready for the baby. He finds spending time with Tess, even a pregnant Tess, increases his long-time attraction to her.

Dincas iconGrade: A


How To Impregnate A “Pregnant” Virgin:

1. Swallow the utterly scandalous rumor that your best friend’s straitlaced younger sister is suddenly with child, even though she blushes at the mere suggestion of how babies are made!

2. Even though it’s definitely not your baby-on-the-way, offer to paint the little darling’s room (pregnant women should not sniff paint fumes or climb ladders), escort her to the doctor (or drive during rush hour) and satisfy her late-night cravings (especially if what she craves is you).

3. When your kisses explode into an undeniable need to consume and possess, sweep this woman into your steely arms…then into the bedroom.

4. Brace yourself against the shock that the “pregnant” woman you just made love to was, until moments ago, a virgin!

5. Apologize profusely for believing rampant rumors about her impending motherhood.

6. Prepare to propose when you realize that you may have just turned the rumors of her pregnancy…to truth!

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