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Book Cover C2’s review of Storm’s Heart (Elder Races, Book 2) by Thea Harrison
Paranormal Romance published by Berkley 2 Aug 11

In our introduction to Thea Harrison’s Elder Races (the most excellent Dragon Bound), we met some of the major players (Dragos! <3) and got an overview of the world. In Storm’s Heart we get a close-up view of the inner workings of the world – the politics and various relationships between the races – and meet more of the world’s inhabitants (including Vampyres).

When we first met Tricks (aka Thistle Periwinkle), she was the head of PR for Dragos’ Cuelebre Enterprises. Little did most people realize she was actually the heir to the Dark Fae throne. Tricks was in the palace the night her family was killed but managed to escape and eventually took refuge among the Wyr. Finally, though, it was time to come out of hiding and reclaim the throne. And what happens when she meets with the Dark Fae delegation? They try to kill her! So she goes into hiding – she needs a chance to regroup and plan.

Dragos and her Wyr friends are not happy with the turn of events and even less happy that Tricks (now using her real name Niniane Lorelle) didn’t contact them for help. Dragos decides she will get help, whether she wants it or not, and sends one of his Sentinels to Chicago to find Tricks and help straighten out the mess.

Tiago is a thunderbird – the only thunderbird, actually. When he is angry, storms happen. Thunder! Lightning!! Tiago is the one Dragos sends in to fight battles and win wars. He is not the diplomatic type – he gets things done. Tiago never spent all that much with Tricks (yeah, yeah…Niniane…I know…but she’ll always be Tricks to me!), but the idea of someone trying to kill her unsettles him.

Niniane is less than pleased to see Tiago. Mostly. He is hot and sexy and bad-ass, but she isn’t interested. Or maybe she is. But she shouldn’t be. But she can’t help it. I love Tricks Niniane! Eventually she sees the wisdom in letting Tiago act as bodyguard – at least until she figures out who she can trust and makes some alliances within the Dark Fae – because someone still wants her dead. Besides, Tiago isn’t leaving her unprotected no matter what she says she wants. He will keep her safe or die trying (and he is hard to kill).

In Storm’s Heart, Ms. Harrison expands the fascinating world she established in Dragon Bound. We learn more about the workings of the world and see the relationships between the Elder Races, and it makes the world deeper and richer and even more interesting. We get glimpses of the Demonkind and the Nightkind and we meet the Vampyre queen (intriguingly creepy!). There are lots of political shenanigans happening surrounding Niniane’s claim to the Dark Fae throne, yet the book never felt bogged down by all the maneuvering. There’s a lot going on but it never is confusing.

The best thing about the book is the relationship between Niniane and Tiago. Once they decide they are together, they’re together. Maybe because they have such long lives, they don’t get caught up in high-school-ish drama. They trust each other and have each other’s backs. I think that’s awesome! And so refreshing.

Of course, there are those among the Dark Fae that do not like the idea of a Wyr being mated to their queen. And there is still the question of who wants Niniane dead and why. Are you intrigued, faithful reader? You should be.

So, does this book stand alone? Yes, mostly, but you know you wanna read Dragon Bound. Right?? Right! I admit I like Dragos a bit more than Tiago (that dragonish charm, don’t you know), but I like Niniane better than Pia, so it all balances out. This is the best new paranormal series in ages. Honest!

CSquareds C2 Icon Grade: A-


He’s a wyr warrior, a god of storms. She’s the heir to the Dark Fae throne. But desire will bring both to their knees in this all-new Novel of the Elder Races.

During the rule of her murderous Dark Fae uncle, Thistle “Tricks” Periwinkle found sanctuary among the wyr in New York. Her ethereal beauty and sparkling personality won the hearts of the public, but after her uncle’s death, there are those who don’t want to see her ascend to the throne…

Able to wield thunder and lightning, wyr sentinel Tiago Black Eagle has ruled the skies for centuries. His massive build and thunderous power make him one of the wyr’s best weapons. And he’s sent to protect Tricks when she’s almost assassinated in Chicago.

Soon, both Tiago and Tricks will fall prey to the stormy hunger that engulfs them—a passion that will shake the very foundation of all the worlds…

Read an excerpt and another and another.

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