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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Animal Magnetism (Animal Magnetism Series, Book 1) by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary Romance published by Berkley 1 Feb 11

It’s been way too long since I’ve read Jill Shalvis. Her books just make me so happy. This book is as funny, emotional, and romantic as can be. I laughed out loud, every rapturous or miserable feeling that the hero and heroine go through shivered its way through me too, and I choked up as they each faced their fears when life no longer goes as planned. This story is the perfect any-time read.

Though Lilah has her own issues after the tragedy and pain of her past and is straightforward in everything she does, it’s Brady who has to change the most, coming to grips with allowing those who love him into his life, learning that having a home can be for him. Brady is also the one who gives me the most laughs throughout the book. I’m not talking a chuckle here and there, but a full-out, laugh-out-loud belly laugh. When he tells Abigail the duck, after enough quacks to drive him crazy, “I know this great duck soup recipe,” and the duck actually settles down without another peep, well, it was one those times the laughing just wouldn’t stop. Of course, it’s the lead-in with all the animals in Lilah’s life and the fact they’ve just met when she rear-ends Brady’s truck that lead to the giggle fest. It’s immediate attraction and you can feel the heat between them steaming off the page even this early.

They’re both okay with just the attraction between them. They’re not looking for permanent. Brady will only be in Sunshine for a month to help out his foster brothers, who’ve lured him to stick around to repair a helicopter they want to use in their vet business. At first Brady really doesn’t want to stay, but his brothers know him well. He loves to tinker with flying machines and he loves to fly them. Of course, it doesn’t hurt at all that Lilah is just across the field where she runs the local Humane Society while she finishes school.

I also have to laugh at Brady’s talking to his new companion, a cute, small dog called Twinkles, a name which Brady just can’t bring himself to use at first. Asking Twinkles where his pride is when the dog rolls and exposes his belly for scratching and other such “unmanly” things brought tears I laughed so hard. Brady is a man’s man. He’s alpha, never begs, and protects those he cares for. Twinkles’ giving up everything for a rub and a scratch just doesn’t sit well with Brady. What he doesn’t realize is he’s going to lose his heart not only to Lilah but this unwanted but happy puppy dog too. That’s part of what makes Brady such a lovable hero. He’s ex-military, hard-bodied, doesn’t take any guff from anyone, but with Lilah and her animals, he’s a softie, even at his own amazement.

Lilah is one of those women who does for everyone else. Everyone loves her and wants to protect her. Especially Del and Adam, Brady’s brothers. She’s the little sister they never had. She does hold her own with Del and Adam, as well as her exes, all of whom are still her friends. It’s Brady who, at first, throws her for a loop. She falls into lust with him for the very same reasons the reader does. Smoldering, sexy, eyes to die for, and a bod that won’t quit. Knowing he’s going to leave in a month’s time is fine with Lilah. She’s just looking for some fun and Brady fits the bill. I love their time at the lake, playing tell-it-all Uno (though Brady would love to play strip Uno LOL), ultimately making tender love under the stars. One of the best scenes in the book.

The love scenes between these two go from intense to playful, full of want and need and always agonizingly sweet due to the fact they know it won’t last beyond Brady’s limited time in town. And when that time comes, Lilah knows she has to let him go. He taught her that. When her heart is broken having to return her new-found pet to its owner, he tells her it’s the best thing for the animal. So it’s also the best thing for Brady to make him happy, even if it breaks her heart again. You feel their despair, their longing, and their need to do the best for the other during those good-bye scenes.

I love every last thing about this book. Brady and Lilah are a charming, heartwarming, and romantic couple. I can’t wait for the next books in the series. Del and Adam are just as charming and as much fun as Brady, and I hope Ms. Shalvis continues to make me laugh with them.

SandyMGrade: A+

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This alpha male is going to bring out her wild side…

Sunshine, Idaho, is a small and sunny town—the perfect home for man and beast. Well, maybe not for man, as pilot-for-hire Brady Miller discovers when his truck is rear-ended by what appears to be Noah’s Ark.

The co-owner of the town’s only kennel, Lilah Young has good reason to be distracted behind the wheel—there are puppies, a piglet, and a duck in her Jeep. But, she doesn’t find it hard to focus on the angry, gorgeous stranger she’s collided with.

Lilah has lived in Sunshine all her life, and though Brady is just passing through, he has her abandoning her instincts and giving in to a primal desire. It’s Brady’s nature to resist being tied down, but there’s something about Lilah and her menagerie—both animal and human—that keeps him coming back for more…

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