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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Explosive by Beth Kery
Contemporary Erotic Romance published by Berkley Trade 7 Dec 10

Sure wish I’d taken the time to check out the cover of this book before I started reading my e-copy. It’s perfect for the story. Thomas has suffered a family tragedy and turns to Sophie for comfort as he tries to break through an amnesiac haze to get on with his life. The man can’t keep his hands and mouth off of her. This is one hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot — throw in about another 50 or so hots — read. If you’re looking for a sexy, sensual, and downright sinful erotic romance, this book is what you need. Take my word for it. I still have plenty of residual physical effects after reading the plentiful sex scenes through these pages.

What I like first about this story is the mystery of it all. The mystery of why Thomas shows up on Sophie’s dock one night, disheveled and out of sorts. They don’t know each other well, having glimpses of each other when Thomas and his brother are in Sophie’s office the times Rick sees a therapist. They’re attracted to one another but have never acted on that attraction. So finding him at her lakeside vacation home is something of a shock for Sophie. The sexual tension is fierce and blasts off the page.  Sophie offers him sanctuary for the night, stepping back from what could be between them. But when Thomas seeks her out later, they combust. A huge conflagration. Explosive.

Sophie is aware of the FBI investigation of the claims that Thomas’ adoptive father is the head of an organized crime unit in Chicago. Thomas’ brother and nephew have just died in a freak boating accident. And when the FBI shows up the next day to question Thomas, more stress is heaped on the man and his family. But when Thomas comes to her office after the agents leave and they make love again, Sophie realizes Thomas is suffering a sort of post-traumatic syndrome where he doesn’t remember a specific block of time in the last day. She wants to help him, so she invites him back to the lake to rest and recuperate.

And this is where Ms. Kery really turns up the heat. A few days is all that is covered for the majority of the book, and the sex these two share during this time makes the reader combust. Thomas thinks he’s changed, not realizing the trauma he’s suffering. The times he’s rough when loving Sophie makes him feel the need to apologize for being a beast with her. A girl should be so lucky to have such a beast, let me tell you. And Sophie knows that. She’s just as voracious for Thomas as he is for her, and she’s more than willing to give herself to him in any way he wants.

In between the loving making, Sophie does try to pull information out of Thomas to get to the crux of his issues, but he’s having none of it. Thomas begins to doubt Sophie and her kindness when things don’t add up for him anymore. But I like that despite all of that, he can’t stay away from her. He thinks it’s because of this change in himself when it’s truly just because he’s found the right woman but doesn’t realize it because of all the chaos in his life.

There aren’t many clues, that I caught anyway, to let us know what’s going to happen at the end. Thomas loyally defends his father against all accusations, Sophie raises questions that should give Thomas pause. It’s not until Thomas’ memory returns in a flash of fear for Sophie that we, and Thomas, get the truth. And evil doesn’t have anything on the villain in this book.

A smoldering, sexy hero with a strong, willing heroine, both trying to get at some mysterious truth, make this erotic story come alive. You won’t want to miss this erotic romance. It’s……explosive!

SandyMGrade: B


His touch would consume her—if it didn’t kill her first…

Dr. Sophie Gable wasn’t expecting her peaceful getaway to be shattered by the arrival of a half-dazed, dead-sexy guest. Thomas Nicasio has obviously been traumatized, and Sophie thinks she knows by what. There’s something about Thomas’s father that he can’t—or won’t—remember. Something that could get them both killed. Still she can’t resist Thomas’s electrifying seduction—or her instincts to help him…

An ex-Navy explosives specialist, Thomas has never felt this type of volatile need for a woman. Even while he’s grieving the deaths of his brother and nephew, something in Sophie makes Thomas want to overtake her, and each time he does, her willing submission makes him want her all the more. But danger is lurking close by, and if he can’t face the demons of his past, he and Sophie could be the next victims in a pattern of meaningless violence…

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