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Book Cover LauraJ’s review of Knock Me For A Loop
by Heidi Betts
Contemporary Romance published by St. Martin’s Press
2 Feb 1o

I have a confession to make…I read this book when it first came out. But when I read it, I really just wanted to read it without reading it to critique it. I had been looking forward to Grace and Zack’s story since I first met them in the first book in the series, Tangled Up in Love. I knew then that they were going to be my favorite couple of the three books and now I can say they were. Also by reading it for fun first I had a really good excuse to go back re-read it so I could write up a review. I can still say after the second reading that it is still my favorite of the three.

Here is a little back history in case you haven’t read these books yet. In Tangled, Grace and Zack are engaged and to their friends in love in the most disgustingly way possible (since they love lives are currently not so hot). In Loves Me, Loves Me Knot an “incident” happens and all hell breaks loose ending their fairy tale romance at least until this book.

Zack “Hot Legs” Hoolihan is the star goalie for the Cleveland Rockets hockey team. He had it all until the love of his life, Grace Fisher walked out of his life and won’t listen to him explain what she thinks she saw didn’t actually happen. He’s furious with her for some things that have happened but all he wants is Grace back in his life. Zack is a kid at heart. He’s the “fun one” of the three guy friends (Gage being the dark brooding, serious one and Dylan the more logical, rational one.). He’s serious about 2 things: hockey and Grace.

Grace can be described as a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Martha Stewart. She has her own show that can rival Ms. Stewart’s any day of the week. She was even knitting her own wedding dress. Key word there is “was”. After Zack’s apparent indiscretion that dress and a few other items don’t stand a chance against a very angry Grace who is normally a sweet, mild manner person.

Despite the fact that Grace went off the deep end after the “incident” she still cares deeply for Zack and he would do anything to win her back, if she would just listen. He of course is miserable without her and it affects his game play to the point of serious injury. Wounds need to heal and trust needs to be restored for Grace and Zack to get that happy ever after. Ms. Betts does not rush this couple back to their happy ever after but lets that relationship grow again and this time into something stronger and better. Both Grace and Zack had things that they had to overcome personally before their relationship would work. Despite the heartache with what happened it was good for them.

The other two books could easily be read as stand alone books (although I recommend reading all three and in order) but with this one you at least need to read Loves Me first, Loves Me Knot first. In Loves Me you get the events to the “incident” from Grace’s point of view and in Knock you see what happens from Zack’s angle. Both are very hilarious (especially Zack’s). In fact there are many laugh out loud moments. The previous books’ heroes and heroines make appearances and also their favorite “aunt” Charlotte (She is Jenna from Loves Me real aunt) who is still spinning some “special” yarn to help mend some broken hearts. Knock Me for a Loop is definitely in my top ten favorite books (along with the other two). These books will be forever on my keeper shelf and I will pull them off to read over and over again.

LauraJGrade: A+


When it comes to relationships, talk show host Grace Fisher won’t stand for cheating—especially not from her fiancé, star hockey goalie Zack Hoolihan. Her weekly knitting group backs her up when she calls it off, but it doesn’t entirely ease the sting of betrayal. She won’t listen to Zack’s indignant explanations of innocence—she just wants to tie up loose ends and move on. Until he winds up injured, that is, and she finds herself playing nursemaid…

Zack doesn’t know how that woman got into his hotel room, but he does know losing Grace has put him so far off his game, he ended up with a busted knee and a broken heart. If things aren’t mended fast, he’ll miss the playoffs, miss his girl, and lose everything. But if Grace is willing to push him into physical therapy, maybe he can pull her back into his arms—before their truce unravels. This time, he’ll do everything it takes to knit their relationship back together…

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