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Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of Erotique: Alex (Erotique #3) by Susan Lyons
Erotic romance short story ebook released by Spice Briefs 01 March 2010

I know they can be frustrating for a lot of readers, but I love short stories.  Sometimes all I want is a tasty morsel, a quick read to occupy me on my lunch break, and if it’s spicy?  All the better.  This third story in Susan Lyons’ Erotique series for Spice Briefs certainly provides the sizzle, although this morsel wasn’t an entirely satisfying experience.

Alex Blake is an erotic romance writer who has discovered that inspiration has left the building.  She’s completely tapped out.  The words aren’t coming, and her work-in-progress isn’t all that sexy.  Her readers expect sexy.  She suspects it might have something to do with the fact that she’s been celibate for going on a year.  No sexy in Alex’s real life apparently means no sexy in her fiction either.  That’s when she spies the invitation she received from the exclusive sex club, Erotique.  Alex figures, what the heck?  So she fires off an e-mail detailing her fantasy, and who should she find once she arrives on the premises?  None other than unrequited former crush, Lincoln Wolf.  Oooh la la!

One thing I enjoy about the Spice Briefs line is that there really is something for every erotica and erotic romance reader.  This series by Lyons, while certainly hot, are what I consider stories for erotic romance newbies.  Or those readers who like spice, but don’t want to wade through a ton of kink.  Like the previous installments, the author sticks with a monogamous relationship (no multiple partners) and delivers a happy ending.

However, I did have a few quibbles with this particular story that keep me from recommending it enthusiastically.  For one thing, the back-story of how Alex and Lincoln met may squirk out some readers.  Alex was a student teacher (at 22) and Lincoln was a student (at 19).  Certainly, that is not a major age difference, and they did not have a sexual relationship with each other during this time period, but yes, it did give me pause.  Also, I had an issue with how safe sex was handled in this story, especially given that Alex and Lincoln haven’t seen each other in 10 years.  There is trusting and then there is stupid.

On the surface though, this story had it’s moments and it definitely fits a niche within the erotic romance reading community.  If you’re looking for hot, but aren’t ready to completely cross over to the dark side?  Maybe this series is what you’ve been looking for.

Wendy TSLGrade: C

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The best inspiration for Alex Blake’s erotic novels used to be her forbidden—and unfulfilled—lust for Lincoln Wolf. But years later Lincoln, and her muse, are long gone. To rekindle her imagination, Alex takes up an invitation to visit Erotique, a private sex club that guarantees anonymity…and a chance to act out one of Alex’s most ravishing desires. While Alex expects one fantasy, Erotique has another surprise for her: satisfying her ultimate fantasy of a night of passion with Lincoln himself….

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