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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Viking in Love by Sandra Hill
Historical Romance published by Avon 26 Jan 10

I have to tell you that I was very hesitant to read this book. I’ve only read two other books by Ms. Hill and, sorry to say, they did nothing for me. Actually, one I did not finish and the other, a novella, I did not like at all. The humor, I guess, is just not my kind of humor. So I just wasn’t very thrilled to begin another of her stories.

Now I’m happy to say that this book broke the mold and I actually enjoyed most of it. I had an issue or two starting out, but those eventually melted away once I got to know the characters.

Breanne and her numerous sisters are visiting their youngest sibling just after she’s received a brutal beating by her brute of a husband. The women decide he doesn’t deserve to live any longer. They take care of the body by dumping it into a privy currently under construction, a fitting end to the POS. Because they expect reprisal if the deed is discovered, they trek cross country to a distant relative’s to seek sanctuary.

This is where they meet up with Caedmon. He’s a lax lord, lounging around with his men all day, children of unknown parentage running wild, all living in a unkempt castle, and a host of other things the sisters can’t abide upon arrival, and they take it upon themselves to straighten the castle and its people out. Each has her own skill, so they go about their respective duties in efficiently cleaning up the place.

Though Caedmon isn’t concerned with much in his day-to-day life, he does care about his people and you can see that in the way he treats his children, even those thought to be his. This is one of my issues I had early on with this hero. It’s not made clear until later that those extra children aren’t his by blood but they are his of the heart. This is when the man’s true colors truly come out and I began to like him more. He definitely has honor.

Breanne and Caedmon go at each other constantly. At times it’s fun and at times it’s not. I think it’s that humor thing for me again. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. But, for the most part, I liked their banter and their dance around each other.

I also did like all of the sisters. When faced with them in a horde all at once, I don’t think folks really knew what hit them. But they’re all feisty and witty and very intelligent, not letting anything or anyone stand in their way. They stand by each other no matter what.

Since this is my first Viking book by Ms. Hill, I will try another. I do have the majority of her books in the TBR because as I collected them, they seemed to be the kind of book I thought I’d enjoy. I’m glad my disappointment in her work has been waylaid, at least as of now. I’m actually looking forward to the next one I pick up.

SandyMGrade: B


All Lord Caedmon of Larkspur wants, after nine long months in the king’s service, is a bit of peace…not five bothersome Viking princesses who invade his keep, especially not the fiery redhead, Breanne. He has half a mind to kick her tempting arse out the door…but wait…he has a much more wickedly delightful plan for this thorn in his…um, side.

Princess Breanne of Stoneheim is shocked at Larkspur’s rundown condition with servants and children running wild whilst Caedmon lies abed after a night of mead and, no doubt, wanton bedsport. Breanne must endure the loathsome lout to protect her four sisters. She can hardly imagine what this knight will demand of her in return.

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