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book cover Limecello’s review of While She Was Sleeping by Isabel Sharpe
Contemporary romance released by Harlequin Blaze 1 Apr 10

I have to admit, I got this book because it’s a Blaze book, and because of the premise. Also, while I can’t remember if I’ve read a book by Isabel Sharpe before (I think I have), I’ve heard good things about her. So, I had to give it a try. That being said, it wasn’t quite what I expected – and almost in a good way. I thought there would be a whole forbidden love focus, and while there wasn’t as much of that as expected, an extremely complicated relationship between the sisters did exist. It was a very enjoyable read.

Alana Hawthorne is a heroine who wants to be superwoman, in the sense that all of us do. She wants to be the have it together girl who is in control. She’s always been the good one, and has a strong sense of familial duty. It’s something a lot of us can relate to, but Alana still is unique, and her own person. She just lets her responsibilities become her priority a lot, which makes it challenging for Sawyer. After all, he’s pursuing her, but Alana is about to leave the state. Really, that’s a good thing. Alana is likable, and I enjoyed “getting to know her.”

Sawyer Kern is one of the good guys, but he’s also got a wicked sense of humor, which just made me like him more. He’s caught up in a situation that’s rather delicate and difficult, but can’t resist needling Alana – just because he can. Not fun for her, but very enjoyable for the reader. Sawyer pretty much has it all, but also realizes what’s most important to him in life. He’s also reasonable, and doesn’t turn down opportunities out of spite, and is able to get over resentment or issues he might have.

I really liked this story – while the plot wasn’t what I expected, I thought it was nice and believable the way things turned out. I was a little annoyed at how much Alana was dragging her feet, but it did fit her personality. I also liked Sawyer a lot. There was also the interesting kink how Melanie met Sawyer first. Alana obviously has a fit, but it says good things about Melanie that she’s able to let it go. What bothered me was that Alana was so obviously doing something she didn’t want to do, because she felt she should – even though it wasn’t necessary. However, it wouldn’t really have made sense for her to not act that way.

That being said, I enjoyed the complex dynamics and tricky situation between Alana and Melanie, who although sisters are so very different. I didn’t like, however, how very clueless Melanie was. I did buy her story, however, and while I’m not thrilled with the back cover copy, based on what happened in While She Was Sleeping I’m happy to give it a shot. So… watch for my review of Surprise Me. (But um, with this reading slump I’ve got going, don’t hold your breath.)

LimecelloGrade: B-

Alana Hawthorne is asleep. And she’s having what can only be described as the Best Dream Ever. There’s a deliciously hot guy, some pretty incredible moves and a conclusion that makes her toes curl. Mmm…yes. But the next morning Alana is shocked to find her fantasy man—for real—sprawled naked beside her in bed.

It only gets worse. The excellently hot Sawyer Kern is her sister’s brand-new boyfriend. The very same guy Alana came by to check on—because Melanie can be just so impulsive. Only now, Alana’s really worried. Because gorgeous Sawyer seems to be looking for a repeat performance….