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glittersyb-by-mlleelizabeth.jpgPermission to post from Christina Brashear, who will be joining us at TGTBTU for an interview soon. We look forward to learning more about is in store from Samhain but first a look the recent changes….

samhain_120x90.jpgSamhain is ecstatic to announce that we have filled the position of Executive Editor and the new position of Managing Editor from within. We have a really great team of editors who are talented, personable and know their business. Samhain is so fortunate to have such a wonderful staff from whom we can promote as positions open.

Laurie M. Rauch has accepted the position of Executive Editor. She has been with Samhain since 2006. She has a BFA in theater and a diploma in Book and Magazine Publishing. As Executive Editor, Laurie will be responsible for our publication standards, house style and developing and motivating the editing staff. She has great ideas that align with my vision for Samhain. She looking forward to developing them, and those of the team, with the Managing Editor and Editorial Team. Bio

Lindsey Faber (you may know her as Lindsey McGurk) has accepted the position of Managing Editor. Lindsey has a master’s in literature, a fabulous sense of organization and a love as deep as mine for spreadsheets. Who better than she to take on this newly formed position and assume the administrative duties of publishing books, namely the publication schedule. She and Laurie share many of the same ideas for Samhain’s future. They will be great team leaders and sources for the editors and authors. Bio

Samhain is also fortunate to have joining our team a fresh voice with new ideas.

Lucia Carr of Macon, Georgia joins our team as Direct of Public Relations. This position will oversee marketing, advertising and public events such as panels and other speaking engagements. Lucia is looking forward to working with our team of staff and editors. Her task is to organize and guide our focus on the samhain_120x90.jpgpromotion of Samhain, expand what we’re already doing to reach new readers, and bringing new ideas for increasing our customer base. Bio

My goal is to have the staff and editors spreading the Samhain word–educating potential readers on the joys and benefits of ebooks and how totally awesome our authors and their stories are! My team is anxious to begin!