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Book CoverHolly‘s review of The Bravo Bachelor by Christine Rimmer
Contemporary Romance released by Silhouette Special Edition 1 Apr 09

I really love these “pregnant widow” stories. I don’t know why, exactly, since they often leave me feeling frustrated and annoyed (depending on the heroine’s feelings for her dead husband), but there you have it. Luckily this one worked very well for me.

I really liked Mary. Although the Bravo’s have really been putting pressure on her to sell, she wasn’t intimidated nor did she ever waiver in her desire to keep her ranch. She was practical and down to earth, a plain speaking woman who didn’t beat around the bush or try to play emotional games. I really loved that about her. I also thought her fears that she was moving too quickly with Gabe were spot on. Rimmer didn’t push it too far in either direction, so it really worked.

Gabe was a confirmed bachelor and proud of it. He had no desire to settle down because he liked playing the field too much. But after witnessing the birth of Mary’s baby he realizes there may be more to life than a different woman every night. The more time he spends with them, the more he wants them forever.

I really liked that even though Gabe admitted to himself that he wanted something more meaningful with Mary, he wasn’t really on board with marriage. He was happy to commit himself to her, but he really didn’t want to make it official. I found this to be much more believable than if he’d just done a complete 180. I also loved how, right from the beginning, Gabe jumped in and helped Mary with the baby.

Two things overshadowed my enjoyment somewhat. The first is Gabe’s father. He was determined to get Mary’s farm and was willing to stop at nothing to get it. He even went so far as to threaten her and I’m pretty sure he had every intention of following through had Gabe not stopped him. While I understand there are ruthless businessmen, I couldn’t understand the lengths he was willing to go to. Especially since Mary was a widow with an infant.

The second was the end. Though the final resolution was inevitable (and welcome) I didn’t like how fast it came about, or the circumstances behind it. The whole situation seemed to come out of left field. Then it was wrapped up rather quickly. A few more pages would have really helped, I think.

Otherwise this was a sweet contemporary romance. I enjoyed both the story and characters, despite the few issues I had.

holly.jpgGrade: B+

All Gabe Bravo wanted was to convince Mary Hofstetter to sell him her land. But the young widow had barely told him to hightail it off her property before going into labor. Being an honorable Bravo bachelor, he stayed by her side, even after her little bundle of joy appeared.There was no denying Gabe had declared himself permanently single—and proud of it. But with his feelings for Mary growing deeper, he was suddenly torn: walk away from mother and child, or do what he’d sworn he’d never do—get hitched!
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