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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Ice by Stephanie Rowe
Romantic Suspense published by Love Spell 30 Jun 09

I have all of Stephanie Rowe’s paranormals sitting on my TBR shelf. So I was a little surprised when I got this book to review, not expecting a romantic suspense from her. Let me tell you, Ms. Rowe does one heck of a job in this genre. From the beginning she had me hooked with a gripping story, one nasty villain, and a hero and heroine, though they have their own issues to overcome, who are ultimate survivors and  definitely stronger for those issues.

Kaylie has vowed never to step foot on Alaskan ice ever again. Her parents were adrenaline junkies during Kaylie’s growing up years, forcing the girl to climb mountains along with them until she just couldn’t take the fear of loss anymore. When tragedy does strike on a climb and she makes it off the offending peak, Kaylie swears that’s the end of her adventurous days. She sticks to her guns and it’s been years since she’s seen her parents, her brother, and climbed a mountain. But it’s the death of her entire family on their latest sojourn that brings Kaylie back to Alaska. After a mysterious phone call telling her her mother is still alive, Kaylie must do everything she can to find out if that’s true.

Another adrenaline junkie, Cort McClaine is an Alaskan bush pilot and getting an eyeful of Kaylie Fletcher, he knows right off the bat she’s high maintenance and wouldn’t know how to survive in this land of ice and snow. But she’s a client, so he’ll do his job and no more. Attraction nearly changes his attitude on that point, however; it’s the life-threatening attempts on Kaylie’s life that clench it. Trying to outsmart the maniac after Kaylie takes both of them and they can’t seem to stay a step ahead of him. The deeper they get into the villain’s quagmire, the more they need each other.

The action and suspense in this book never stops. I kept picking it up when I should have been working or doing something else just as significant. Ms. Rowe has skillfully woven an exciting mystery with dynamic characters to give readers a climatic conclusion. Even Cort’s and Kaylie’s relationship is left hanging until the very last moment. For whatever reason Ms. Rowe decided to try her hand at romantic suspense, I’m eternally grateful.

SandyMGrade: A+

Most people find beauty in Alaska’s austere mountains. To Kaylie Fletcher, there is only death—her whole family gone after a disastrous climbing expedition. Then again, maybe not. A raspy call in the middle of the night leads Kaylie to believe her mother might still be alive. For now…
A strange message in a bar. A bloody knife. A fiery explosion. There’s a killer inching closer, but Kaylie has nowhere to run. Except straight into the arms of Cort McClaine. The rugged bush pilot is too much of an adrenaline junkie to be considered safe, but Kaylie can’t resist the heat of his touch amid the bitter cold.
Caught in a high-stakes race against a murderous madman, Kaylie and Cort know that with one wrong step they’ll be…iced.
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