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Book CoverHolly‘s review of Wyoming Wedding (Stetson’s and CEO’s, Book 3) by Sara Orwig
Contemporary Romance released by Silhouette Desire 9 Jun 09

This is the third book in Sara Orwig’s Stetson’s and CEO’s series and the only one I’ve read. I don’t think I missed anything by skipping the first two. Actually, the other couples were only mentioned briefly and made one or two brief appearances, so I think these can be read as stand-alones.

This isn’t exactly a new story. Waitress gets propositioned by billionaire CEO to become his wife so he can get into an investment club and win a bet he’s made with his cousin’s to see who can win the most money in a year. In order to get into the club he needs to be married and settled. He doesn’t want any messy emotional entanglements so he decides on his favorite waitress. She’s beautiful and he knows he can make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Here’s the thing – Matt was obsessed with money. Having it and making it were the most important things in his life. Or so we were told. The problem is that his attitude didn’t jive with the description of him. Sure, there were times when he mentioned business deals or whatever, but his inner dialogue didn’t support his ruthless needs to acquire more.

Therefore the main conflict – that Brianna wanted a deeper commitment and Matt was only obsessed with money – didn’t carry much weight. If, however, I set aside disbelief and just go with the flow, the story was ok.

At first both Brianna and Matt are driven by money. Brianna needs stability because she’s pregnant and Matt’s offer will give her financial security for the future for her child. Obviously Matt will gain more by joining the prestigious investment club he has his eye on. As the novel progresses Brianna comes to care for Matt and wants more from him than just a temporary arrangement of convenience. At first I wasn’t sure about Brianna, but she eventually grew on me. It was obvious why she came to care for Matt, and I thought she made the right decisions throughout the book.

In the beginning – as I mentioned above – Matt didn’t seem that driven by money. Toward the end a conflict arises between the regarding Matt’s family and I finally felt like we were seeing his need for money. Even so, I just didn’t buy him as a selfish man who’s only concern was money. I do like that Matt started opening up with Brianna.

Matt’s ex-girlfriend’s presence seemed kind of contrived. She didn’t really seem to serve a purpose other than as a placeholder. Her constant reappearances would have made sense if they’d lead up to a final conflict or something, but she just sort of faded out at the end drew near.

Mostly this was just a light story without a lot of substance. I enjoyed it as it was, but won’t be re-reading it.

holly.jpgGrade: C

Just two years of her time. That’s all handsome billionaire Matt Rome needed. His proposal seemed perfect on paper, and the promise of passion sizzled between them. But becoming a wife for hire? To a man with a cash register for a heart?Pregnant waitress Brianna Costin had no intention of falling for the workaholic financier—her golden ticket to help her struggling family. Yet beneath his heated kisses, the line between business and pleasure started to blur….
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